Trip abroad to Kyoto Japan to see the famous autumn foliage coloring

Many people dream of a trip abroad and, of course, want a fascinating spectacle of experiences. Japan in particular is all the more suitable as a travel destination for this occasion, where autumn with its autumnal foliage can be used for beautiful photo motifs, but the city of Kyoto also enjoys a high reputation with its traditional sights. All of this makes the land of the rising sun a really multi-faceted holiday destination, which is becoming a top destination for more and more people. This development is really not surprising, where traditions know how to harmonize perfectly in harmony with the sights and tides in the former Japanese capital.

Trip abroad to Kyoto Japan to see the famous autumn foliage coloring
Trip abroad to Kyoto Japan to see the famous autumn foliage coloring

Travelers should definitely see the beauty of Japan on site

It’s something completely different when you watch the beauties of Japanese cities in front of the TV screen instead of being there yourself. As the former capital, Kyoto is still a really popular travel destination, which definitely invites you to travel abroad and wants to prove that the beauty of the country where the sun rises is barely tangible. In autumn in particular, it is advisable for travelers to stop by, where the autumnal foliage colors put the city in a completely different light and the sights arouse completely different memories as a photo motif. The tradition-conscious Japan is very promising as a travel destination and is guaranteed to pick up young and old tourists!

Autumnal foliage colors make Kyoto’s sights shine

The probably famous Golden Temple is surrounded by forests that shine in a green glow in spring and summer. But imagine being here in autumn and in what splendor the infamous temple might then shine? Falling leaves, green, brown and reddish, but also yellow colors will shape the image of the sights of Kyoto during this time and thus also nature. The panoramic view from the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple would certainly also be a real eye-catcher in the autumnal color of the leaves, so that the trip to Japan is really recommended in autumn. Other special features of the former capital that are worth seeing are the old town, the Philosopher’s Walk, numerous temples and the local shrines.

Traditions and nature in harmony

These must-see destinations should also contribute with the autumnal color of the leaves to create completely new impressions of the Japanese city, which knows how to shine in autumnal splendor. The coming trip abroad should in any case lead to Kyoto, where traditions and nature in harmony with each other lead to an incredible symbiosis that has to be seen as a traveler. Especially since the autumn travel season is usually much more affordable than the summer, which of course should also please your own household budget, so that you can devote yourself equally to the Japanese and culinary delicacies on site.