Nature travel for strangers in the untouched nature of Fukuoka Japan

Nature trips to Japan are an absolute highlight for many people. The pulsating port city of Fukuoka on an island in the south of the country is known for the best fish and ramen dishes in Japan, numerous small and large festivals, dreamy beaches, picturesque sunsets and multifaceted, untouched nature.

Nature travel for strangers in the untouched nature of Fukuoka Japan
Nature travel for strangers in the untouched nature of Fukuoka Japan

Strangers can expect a fantastically beautiful, untouched nature

Fukuoka can be reached both by air and by sea. The untouched nature, only a stone’s throw from the city, has a primeval effect on strangers. The rainforests and many old trees fascinate travelers with a mystical atmosphere. Other highlights are the hot springs. Nature trips to Japan offer a wealth of opportunities for activities and experiences in the multifaceted nature.

Nature trips to Fukuoka are a great experience all year round

Japan is not only worth visiting during the cherry blossom season. The cherry blossom delights strangers in spring when they see the blossoms. In summer tourists experience the crackling heat, in autumn nature enchants with a colorful, lively splendor of leaves. In winter, delicate winter blossoms and the snow-covered mountain peaks are fascinating. Summer is the perfect time of year to relax and camp by the sea and view beautiful historic buildings. A long walk along one of the breathtaking coastlines allows you to escape the humid heat in the city. The beaches also offer plenty of opportunities for water sports. Nature lovers who spend the night in tents on the beach can hear the waves gently lapping against the shore as they fall asleep. A visit to the waterfall should also definitely be on the excursion program.

The city beach for water lovers

The city beach is the perfect address for adventurous holidaymakers every year. All summer long this beach hosts barbecues, beach parties and music festivals that attract visitors from all over the country like a magnet. Windsurfing, beach volleyball, jet skiing and many others are offered here as water sports activities. A breathtaking view of the city and the multifaceted nature is offered to tourists from the observation deck on the 5th floor of the tower.

Other activities for nature lovers

In the east of the city, picturesque rice terraces invite you to explore on your own by bike or on a relaxing hike. The cattle, which are particularly popular with gourmets because of their meat, are also bred here. In this mountain area, mushrooms are still traditionally grown on felled tree trunks, just as they were then. This area is traditionally known for the harmonious coexistence of people with nature. Due to the varied nature, guided adventure tours are offered, for example to collect wild vegetables together with local residents, to prepare and enjoy them together. It is a particular challenge to cycle around a dammed lake over a distance of around 35 kilometers and an additional 600 meters difference in altitude. Another activity that brings tourists in touch with the regional culture and nature is mountain yoga. A nature trip to the land of the rising sun offers something suitable for every interest, age and taste.