Interesting bistros, bars and restaurants await travelers in beautiful Budapest Hungary

If you stroll through the city, you will get hungry. From time to time you want to have a quiet hour to yourself and stop off in one place. This is in the spirit of strolling, so that one walks through the city and likes to stop for a moment, so as not to walk alone, but to visit the bistros and bars for a meeting point. You can meet a wide variety of people who come from many nationalities and have taken up different professions. The gastronomic culture is a symbol of the colorful and diverse city, whereby Budapest made a time before and after the Cold War. Communism had its effect through the nationalization of the restaurants and at the same time there were generally not enough goods available. Nowadays this shortage of foreign currency and imported goods is history and you can rediscover the city as in the old days.

Interesting bistros, bars and restaurants await travelers in beautiful Budapest Hungary
Interesting bistros, bars and restaurants await travelers in beautiful Budapest Hungary

Stroll and experience Budapest like a popular

For this possibility there are some places to stop and bistros or bars and outdoor cafes in Budapest, in order to see the little things in the city in addition to the many sights, which can have the same value if you go into the inner rooms of the restaurants as tourists and travelers . You meet different people, works of art and jewelry, so it’s not just about enjoying coffee and cake, but about aesthetics and art in the interior. The buildings have been renovated, redesigned and at the same time breathe the spirit of the old days, which makes an impression on travelers and visitors.

Experience specialties with full enjoyment

The city is known for its coffee culture and restaurants. Coffee culture has been around since the 19th century. It’s not just about coffee, but about other specialties such as the Hungarian tree cake or the delicious cakes that can be eaten in a stroll through the city. On a trip you get hungry quickly and look for a place to stop. A central coffee house is the kávéház Café, which combines tradition and modernity. Above all, the strong espresso called “Fekete” is offered. A little black and strongly cooked Hungarian coffee. The Hungarian salami is offered if you want hearty dishes.

Upscale gastronomy and their stories

Café Gerbeaud on Vörösmarty tér is a luxurious coffee house. It is the finest and most beautiful coffee house, next to the classy restaurant from the Cafe Museum at Múzeum körút. And they serve in the form of meeting houses for writers, poets and journalists in order to get into a conversation with them or to be inspired by them. Revolutionaries from 1848 met in the Pilvax coffee house, so that the coffee houses are a place of political exchange. For encounters in pastry shops, we recommend a visit to the Ruszwurm pastry shop in the castle district and the August pastry shop in the Fény utca market, which offer cakes and not make them on their own. In addition, there are a large number of ruin pubs, such as the Szimpla kert in the Jewish quarter, which travelers can visit in Budapest or the capital in Hungary.