Tourists use the last time of the sun for a vacation in Antalya Turkey

If you are still looking for a good and sunny travel destination, you are really in good hands on the coast of Antalya. There is plenty to see here, even in the winter months, when the sun often appears in the sky and provides warmth. You can cool down immediately with the sea on the coast and with the many sights and culinary specialties, the coastal city simply inspires right away. Booking a trip is therefore advisable all year round due to the climatic conditions.

Tourists use the last time of the sun for a vacation in Antalya Turkey
Tourists use the last time of the sun for a vacation in Antalya Turkey

The last solar time strikes late in this coastal city

Between 9 to 15 hours of permanent daylight really leave the coastal city on the Mediterranean as a compelling tourist destination. After all, most travelers want to enjoy the sun and what better way to do it if not here? Of course, the hours of sunshine vary according to the respective months, but what is certain is that there is no month when the sun does not come out. Especially the local sights such as the waterfalls inspire with their picturesque beauty, so that the coastal city in the south will always be a guarantee for a wonderful trip. The city of Antalya inspires with many sights from the time of the ancient Romans, which of course should also be a real pleasure to stop by here from a historical point of view. However, tourists should not miss the port, which still comes from the Ottoman Empire and thus provides a good dose of variety and history.

Antalya is a coastal city with a historical flair

One thing every tourist is aware of when traveling to Turkey is not the last time the sun counts, but the overall package. This is exactly what the coastal city has to offer here, and by the way, not only in the culinary sense. The Turkish specialties surely round off the stay perfectly so that you don’t have to go hungry through the adventure, where numerous outdoor activities in the big city know how to score. It is much more the mix of attractive and modern sights paired with historical sights that simply leave a harmonious flair that travelers should not miss.

Turkish delicacies sweeten your vacation in the south

In particular, the culinary delights of the Turkish southern city on the coast inspire with a variety that guarantees unmistakable and original oriental delicacies. Of course, there are a lot of vegetables such as aubergine in the dishes, but the peppers should not be missing on the Turkish kitchen table. Maybe the Turkish doner kebab is an opportunity to see how it tastes in the country of origin? Whereby the buffalo ice cream is certainly a great enthusiasm, especially among the little vacationers, where a small show is always guaranteed. Stuffed peppers, rice, stuffed aubergines, lamb and many other delicacies come here on the table, so that nobody in Turkey has to starve to death. Thanks to the connection to the sea, it is also certain that the coastal city around Antalya also serves fresh seafood.