Spa vacation for tourists in the healing thermal springs of Denizli Turkey

Denizli is a provincial capital in western Asia Minor and the second largest city in the Aegean region in Turkey. First settlements in the area are dated to around 4000 BC. Dated. The area was already populated by the Hittites, Phrygians, Greeks, Romans, Seljuks and also the Mongols. It is known among tourists of Turkey for its famous Pamukkale travertine and tail. The Great Pamukkale Travertine is flooded by thousands of tourists all year round, who also like to take a spa vacation here and enjoy healing thermal springs. Works from different eras could represent the tourist area of ​​this city. If we look at the structure of the city in the year 3000 BC. The city on the windward side was settled 2500 years before Christ, the different peoples have left excellent works from the different cultures and have survived there. Therefore, the city has become a center for cultural tourism. It is also a city of health tourism and is famous for healing thermal springs. This city with its very own cuisine delights its visitors who enjoy a spa holiday here. We have compiled and described the sights of the city for you.

Spa vacation for tourists in the healing thermal springs of Denizli Turkey
Spa vacation for tourists in the healing thermal springs of Denizli Turkey

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

The natural wonder of Pamukkale is the thermal pools, the first symbol of this city. The picture of this place looks like a cotton field. The hotel is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List; the Pamukkale Thermal Pools await visitors with their enchanting beauty. Another attraction is the historic Letoon Ancient City, Nemrut Mountain and other historical sites that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Laodicea city

It is the basis of the textile industry. Today it is believed that the ancient city of Laodicea was founded 2300 years ago. Indeed, Laodicea is a leading business and financial center.

Onazi Mountain National Park

At the highest point is the Honaz National Park in the Aegean region. It is populated by dozens of endemic plant species. Those interested in botany can go on ni-ce excursions in the vicinity of the city.

Akhan Caravansaray

The Seljuk caravanserai was built in the architectural style of the 13th century and is a very popular sight.

Keloglan Cave

The Keloglan Cave is a cave within the boundaries of the city of Dodurgalar in the Acipayam district. The excursion area of ​​the cave is 145 meters.
The Keloglan Cave did not attract tourists until 1990, but then it was decided to open it to tourism. The cave has kept its natural appearance and is very interesting.

Tomb Servergazi

1210 years ago a Seljuq commander died during the conquest and was buried here. The tomb became the Ghazi sanctuary and has great spiritual significance.

St. Philippe Martyrion Church

The St. Philippe Hz. Has been founded by the 12 apostles Jesus on the rise, of intense Christian faith. To Christianize this religion. In the region, St. Philippe stands at the point where he died and was buried.

Yesildere waterfall

It is a 55 meter high waterfall and makes a great impression on all visitors.

Acipayam Mosque

The mosque, built in 1301, has a history of more than 700 years. This mosque shows motifs in the style of the 13th century and belongs to rare tree pole structures.

Tekkeköy Spring

Sarayköy Spas is a valuable resource for rheumatism sufferers. The water also brings healing to the female urinary tract. Thermal tourism started here very early.

Denizli Ufo Museum

The Denizli Museum ranks fourth in the world for UFO history. The Denizli UFO Museum shows its visitors an exciting atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit while on a spa vacation in Turkey.