Islands in Turkey Izmir

The capital of the same name in the province of Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey with around 4.3 million inhabitants and has the second largest port in the country. This island of Turkey is a popular travel destination for tourists from all over the world. Izmir has much more to offer its visitors than its beautiful seaside resorts. The numerous historical sites make the Turkish island the ideal vacation spot for lovers of history and culture, especially with regard to the Roman era. The island combines beautiful landscapes with authentic cultural experiences, traditional Turkish cuisine and oriental flair.

The best sights

The Agora

In the years 1930-1941 excavations took place in the Namazgah district for the first time. A rectangular building was found with three floors, a staircase and a large atrium in the middle, which was built on columns and arches.
The Agora of Izmir is now considered the largest and best preserved of the Ionian agors.
It was built around 200 AD near the center according to the Roman city map of Hippodamos.
A special feature is that some parts of the Roman water pipes from that time are still intact. They still supply the city with fresh, bubbling spring water today.


Translated into German, Kadifekale literally means “velvet castle”. In the times of the Romans, the castle on the hill of the Metropolitan Zone was called “Pagos”. The Greeks kept this designation long into the recent past. From the top of the hill you have a breathtaking view of the city and the Gulf of Izmir.
General Lysimachus – known as an heir to Alexander the Great – built the castle, which probably served as a fortress at that time.
Even if the restoration work has not yet been completed, you can already see the watchtowers, some castle walls, Roman cisterns and the castle gate.

Camera ti Bazaar

Winding, old streets, narrow streets and romantic squares, decorated with domes and vaults, make the most popular and best-known oriental bazaar on the island so special and impressive. Between the districts of Cankaya and Konak there is a sea of ​​bars, stands, shops, restaurants and cozy cafes, all of which invite you to enjoy.

The traditional culture of Turkey meets modern companies. Oriental spices, dried fruits, traditional Turkish handicrafts and beautiful gold jewelry invite you to immerse yourself in the magical world of the Orient. The best way to take a break between artistic leather goods, clothing and shoes is to have a “Tschai” tea in a cafe and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere and flair of the bazaar.

Islands in Turkey Izmir
Islands in Turkey Izmir

Balcova thermal baths

10 kilometers west of Izmir – where the Agamemnon thermal baths used to be – is now the largest thermal bath in Turkey. Homer already described the baths as a special place of healing and Alexander the Great also had his soldiers treated in the thermal baths. The historical background, together with its modern standards, makes Balcova a real attraction for spa lovers.
The water has temperatures between 62-80 ° C and also contains sodium bicarbonate and chloride, which has a proven effect in a variety of chronic diseases and inflammations, skin diseases and metabolic disorders as well as digestive problems.
Entertainment and physical well-being are also well catered for, as the thermal baths also offer luxurious hotels and restaurants, shops and bars. a. a fitness center, sauna, and several tennis courts.

Asansör in Konak

A wealthy Jewish banker and trader built the so-called “elevator” in 1907 in order to make the way between the coast of Karataa to the slope easier and to carry people and goods through the steep cliff more easily.

The clock tower

To mark the 25th anniversary of his throne, the German Emperor Wilhelm II gave the Sultan Abdülhamid the four tower clocks in 1901 that make the tower on Konak Square a landmark today.