Fethiye an ancient city by the sea with many monuments

The ancient Turkish town of Fethiye has the poetic nickname “Untouched Virgin in the Land of Light”. All the beauties of Turkey and the entire Mediterranean region are concentrated in this city. The holiday destination inspires with incomparably beautiful landscapes, history steeped in history, endless dream beaches, the crystal clear, clean water of the Aegean and idyllic islands. There is also a first-class tourism-oriented infrastructure and an exuberant, varied nightlife.

History and background of Fethiye

Today’s holiday resort goes back to the ancient village of Telmessos. It was first used in the 5th century BC. Chr mentioned in writing. Recent archaeological research suggests that this settlement was settled much earlier, at that time the place was famous for divinations and clairvoyants, one of the best customers of which was Krösus. Their owners changed the city mostly without a fight.

The ancient infrastructure in today’s resort was unfortunately completely destroyed in 1957 by a severe earthquake. Antique buildings have been excavated again since the 1990s and have been extensively restored. Today, tourism is the main source of income for this town. Among other things, the city benefits from its close location to the airport. its importance as the “gateway to Lycia” and the most popular Turkish beach Marina, which is famous far beyond the country’s borders.

Sights and impressive ruin sites The city has the most impressive ruin sites in all of Turkey. The famous rock tombs are enthroned high above the town. They are the main sights. The oldest of these tombs date from the 6th century BC. The most famous tomb of Amyntas is around two centuries younger. The inscription “Amyntas, son of Hermagios” can be read on this ancient tomb. The front of the burial site is comparable to an Ionic, richly decorated temple with two pillars cut directly from the rock. The grave door that was knocked into the stone behind is also richly decorated. The burial chamber is behind this door.

Around this tomb there are numerous other ornate or simple rock tombs. One of these monuments has not yet been completed. Vacationers have the opportunity to take a look at various burial chambers.

Fethiye an ancient city by the sea with many monuments
Fethiye an ancient city by the sea with many monuments

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum was already planned in the 1960s. It was built and opened in 1987. The exhibition of the small museum shows archaeological finds from Fethiye and the surrounding area both outside and inside.

Lycian sarcophagus

Several Lycian sarcophagi can be seen in the city center. All of these monuments are home to the remains of residents of the upper class at that time. The typical distinguishing feature of these monuments, a pointed lid, is visually reminiscent of the upturned keel of a boat.

Castle complex

The castle complex was originally built in the 15th century. The builders were knights Only a few remains of the castle have survived. The view of the city from the rock tombs is also better.

Theater of Telmessos

The theater in the village was built in the 2nd century AD. It is equipped with 28 rows of seats for 6000 spectators. This structure was destroyed and spilled by an earthquake in 1856. It is currently being excavated again.
Port facility

Although the chic port facility is expensive, it should be visited at least once. It is worth taking a long walk along the beautifully laid out alley and breathing in the salty, healthy sea air. During the stroll you can take a look at majestic sailing ships. Numerous, unfortunately overpriced cafes invite you to coffee, snacks and ice cream in the harbor area.

Sights in the city center

The city center is beautifully laid out and a mecca for souvenir hunters. In the small streets of the village, an abundance of restaurants, bars and cozy cafés in Turkey invite vacationers to linger. The city center is also laid out around a calming little fountain and a pond. The Turkish bath in the city center invites you to relax. In the evening, the city center fills up as it is the central starting point for a varied nightlife.

Fethiye beaches

There is no bathing beach in the center. Numerous picturesque bays and beaches around the town invite you to swim and chill. Below is a small selection:

Katranci: Beautiful, chargeable little bay with a campsite, restaurant and changing rooms.

Kücük Karg: Picturesque bay for financially better off Turkey tourists. It offers a wonderful ambience, the beach is covered with gravel. Spending the night and getting married is also possible here.

Çalis: this approximately 3 km long and clean beach of Fethiye is best developed.