Adventure trip to the mountains in Fukuoka Japan for foreign sports tourists

Fukuoka is a city in Japan. It is a city that is located in a very mountainous area and thus attracts many sporty hikers. Adventure travel in this area can make sense for many people who feel comfortable in the mountains and have fun hiking. So if you’ve always wanted to go to Japan and don’t just want to explore the big cities, you can recommend an active holiday in this area.

Adventure trip to the mountains in Fukuoka Japan for foreign sports tourists
Adventure trip to the mountains in Fukuoka Japan for foreign sports tourists

What does the mountainous landscape in this area offer?

In the summer months you can go hiking here. It is a significantly different hike than you would know this common one. At first glance it looks like the mountains are similar to those you know from Europe. However, if you are on a hike, you will recognize that this is a completely different area and thus not only the mountains but also the plants and animals in this area show a completely different picture. This is also a welcome change for foreign sports tourists, as you can live with all the necessary things.

Plan your trip to Japan properly

In the run-up to the trip, you should think about which things you should definitely think about. These may be vaccinations that you should definitely have done before starting your trip. In addition, you have to fill out one or the other slip of paper when entering the country. If your trip is primarily about hiking, you should also pay attention to the right equipment. As an ambitious hiker you can spend a lot of time in the mountains of Fukuoka, so the equipment here definitely has to be right. The adventure trip is twice as fun because you can feel much safer. The trip to the mountain area is also worthwhile for foreign sports tourists.

What does Fukuoka have to offer in winter?

Even in winter, traveling to this part of the country is a very good idea. Although this is not a classic winter sports area, it can still be assumed that there is definitely snow in the higher elevations. If you e.g. Has fun cross-country skiing, you can practice it here very well. As with the hikes, you should also pay attention to the equipment, as you cannot buy it at every corner in this part of the country. So if you take the equipment home with you, it should be well packed so that it survives the flights.