Entertainment districts and delicacies await overseas travelers in Osaka Japan

If you are no longer sure whether you are dreaming or watching a science fiction film, you are probably on one of the brightly lit streets in Osaka. Radiant billboards and a special nightlife attract not only friends of Japanese pop culture, but also gourmets. Because in addition to karaoke and sake bars, the range of culinary delights is at least as diverse.

Are you ready for the pleasure?

Probably the most famous district of the city is the Dotonbori. Named after the Dotonbori Canal, the entertainment district runs from west to east in the center of the city. While there is not much going on during the day, the streets come alive in the evening until late at night: The countless billboards on the buildings cast neon-colored light on people strolling through the center in droves.
You are looking for the best street food, the best bar or one of the most diverse leisure activities of the night. Search is not easy, because the operators of the clubs and shops present themselves and their business with huge, colorful figures and all sorts of bright silliness. Anyone who wants to be successful in Dotonbori has to stand out. Typically Japan! This opens up an infinite range of attractions for foreign travelers, all of which one would like to try out. This is where Osaka’s motto, literally going bankrupt, fits. Once you’ve had enough of all the hustle and bustle, you can lean back and relax on the Ebisu-bashi bridge and watch the play of light on the river. Or you can go for a lap on the Ferris wheel and get a wonderful view of the colorful hustle and bustle.

Entertainment districts and delicacies await overseas travelers in Osaka Japan
Entertainment districts and delicacies await overseas travelers in Osaka Japan

Shopping tours in Osaka

The Ferris wheel is right next to the large department store. Here you can find all kinds of Japanese jokes and curiosities, but also typical snacks such as matcha sweets and drinks. Another huge shopping mile can be found in Umeda in the north of the city. Underground you can stock up on new clothes all day, only to find out when leaving the department store that the sun has already set. But this is no problem. From Umeda you take the next metro and go south to Den Den Town. The dream of every anime and manga fan. Figures, exercise books, games and everything related to the otaku lifestyle are on offer here. A highlight are the maid cafés, where young waitresses dressed in cosplay serve drinks and food. They attach great importance to complying with the shy and sweet stereotype from anime and manga. If that’s too much kitsch for you, head towards the entertainment district. The longest shopping arcade in Japan is located there. The department store is an unbelievable 2.6 kilometers long. So it is not surprising when the locals visit the shops with wheeled suitcases.

The trendy district

The creative music scene is located next to the shopping arcades. The nightlife is exceptionally strong with clubs and bars on every corner and quite a few open-minded party people and other foreign travelers. The neighborhood has many interesting old department stores that have now been renovated and sell trendy products. Vintage clothing, fancy jewelry, and even records are popular with the locals. All around it, a lively scene quarter has been created that offers culinary delicacies and pure entertainment.