Tourists enjoy old and new traditions in Tokyo Japan up close

There is hardly any other capital city whose traditions and modernity harmonize in harmony, as is the case in Tokio. Where tourists see the most famous skyscrapers sticking out over Tokyo Bay, traditional temples still adorn the cityscape. The rapid change cannot be denied, but it is still extremely important for the Japanese to keep their capital shining in the old Japanese flair and that seems to be exactly the reason why Japan is so popular among travelers. Old and new traditions are united here and ensure an unmistakable holiday.

Tokyo’s sights prove how traditional the Japanese are

In the middle of the capital, the cherry trees have successfully discovered eyecatching for themselves, especially when they are in bloom. Starting a picnic here is sure to please everyone. But tourists shouldn’t forget Japan’s first park, Ueno Park. Here, too, the cherry trees are in bloom and literally pave the way to present the splendid beauty of Japan straight away. While further north the Museum of Science and Nature and the Ueno Museum are waiting to be visited. In the well-known district of Minato, however, the Shibarikyu Park is waiting, which is an insider tip among travelers and is therefore not overrun by the masses. Numerous parks are at home in Japan and especially the capital calls them their own in their picturesque beauty, so that the following parks are of course also welcome to visit:

– Sumida Park
– Shinjuku Gyoen Park

In addition to the Senso-ji Temple and the Skytree, the parks in the Japanese capital are real insider tips among tourists. Because in some, travelers are rarely guests, so that a completely unadulterated impression of Asian culture prevails, which the travelers are guaranteed to enjoy.

Tourists enjoy old and new traditions in Tokyo Japan up close
Tourists enjoy old and new traditions in Tokyo Japan up close

Japan is worth a culinary journey

In addition to tradition, modernity is particularly evident in the capital. Where the Shibuya crossing is at home, culinary delights are also possible. Between ramen, unagi, soba, dim sum and blue-colored burgers, there are numerous restaurants that also have a lot of colorful things to offer. Here traditional Japanese cuisine is combined well with modern influences, which are also a real eye-catcher. The Japanese sushi should not be missing, however, where the best chefs in the world are at home.

Old and new traditions merge in the land of the rising sun as if by themselves

In addition to the many modern influences that cannot be denied in Tokyo, the Japanese are very traditionally associated with their homeland. The imperial palace and the many temples on site represent a distinctive tradition that the Japanese do not want to give up. But closely followed you look down from the tower of the capital, whose modernity naturally highlights the business city. But the Meiji Shrine and the Sensô-Ji Temple shine again with more tradition. These are fabulous properties that will lead to unforgettable moments for tourists here on site and this is certainly the reason why the traditional and modern capital of Japan is rising on the popularity scale with more and more travelers.

Old and new traditions combine in the land of the rising sun to a mixture that does not need any words, but makes a trip desirable. Especially because the Japanese are known for their hospitality anyway, travelers in the capital of Japan full of bright colors, anime, restaurants and very special leisure activities such as cart driving should not be missing. The beautiful and modern, but also traditional sights round off the beauty of Japan right away and let travelers indulge in wonderful memories.