Kyoto the fishing village in Japan offers various UNESCO attractions

One of the most important cities in Japan is without a doubt Kyoto. In the southwest of Japan, this fishing village with its magnificent beauty not only delights residents, but also tourists from all over the world. Word got around that numerous UNESCO attractions await travelers here, which impressively prove how culturally and historically valuable the 1.5 million city really is. Vacationers will get up close and personal with Japanese residents and their friendly nature. Being able to consume the delicacies of Japan and still not be able to pass by attractions worth seeing. In a country where the sun rises and friendliness goes hand in hand, tourists are warmly welcome anyway, and Kyoto is no exception.

Kyoto the fishing village in Japan offers various UNESCO attractions
Kyoto the fishing village in Japan offers various UNESCO attractions

A Japanese fishing village as a symbol of the Unesco world cultural heritage and temples

Before traveling to Japan, hardly any traveler would have thought about what Kyoto really has to offer, namely 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That is a tremendous number of must-see attractions that should not be missed. The Kíyomizu-dera Temple is a real picturesque beauty right on a mountain slope. The wooden temple stands on pillars in a Japanese architectural style and is one of the most popular photo motifs. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is not alone in the midst of 16 other Unesco attractions. So the Kinkaku-ji Temple is of course also a really beautiful highlight to visit. The golden pavilion is the symbol of the city and well known in Japan, but it is also very popular with tourists. As expected, the Ryoan-ji and Tenryu-ji temples are also among the local highlights among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Further temples and at the same time cultural heritages are:

Saiho-ji – To-ji

All of them are a ni-ce change from the “usual sights”. Because to belong to the world cultural heritage is always something very special, and Kyoto, as it is sometimes also written, impressively proves why the fishermen’s village is so popular.

Japan’s city of most world heritage sites seems to have been found

If the temples of Kyoto are not enough for you, you can of course also take a look at the castles of the city. The Nijo-jo Castle is another attraction after the other. The Yodo or Fushimi Castle are also worth seeing eye-catchers that will delight a vacation trip through this city. But how about the Kamo shrines or the Shimogamo-jinja shrines? Attractions that are not only attractive to the Japanese, but also to travelers from all over the world. Because they are also part of the Unesco world cultural heritage and clearly show how influential Japanese culture, history and tradition are. Other world heritage sites among the shrines are, for example, the


A ray of light on the horizon of the rising sun is certainly the variety of attractions worth seeing. From castles to shrines and Buddhist temples, there is a variety of sights to discover that will take your breath away. But the imperial palace or the Katsura villa should not be missing from the attractions that are a must-see as a holidaymaker. Because they are residences of the emperor and the imperial Shugakuin villa garden should not be left unmentioned here. Walking like an emperor on the soil of the Japanese emperor is something you can keep as a memory in Kyoto alongside the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or not?

Japan’s beautiful sights have found a home in Kyoto, transforming a former village that is popular with fishermen into this fabulous city. Travelers cannot avoid walking in Japan’s footsteps of history and paying a visit to the city. Here, where most of the world cultural heritages of Japanese history can be found, it is easy to get to know the sights in the land of friendliness and to marvel at the attractions of Unesco. In addition, the local restaurants are inviting and help you to experience Japanese food culture up close and healthy. It is not without reason that the oldest people in the world live here. So what’s stopping you from taking a trip to Japan?