Japanese gardens invite foreign guests for relaxing walks in Kyoto

In Japan you can visit the most beautiful gardens in the world. There are huge Japanese gardens in Kyoto, which are ideal for relaxing walks. Experience the variety of Japanese garden art up close and visit the Zen gardens, the moss, stone and pond gardens, which are also open to foreign guests.

Japanese gardens invite foreign guests for relaxing walks in Kyoto
Japanese gardens invite foreign guests for relaxing walks in Kyoto

Japanese garden art in the big city and its importance

When designing a Japanese garden, it is crucial to let the overall look appear natural. Ornaments, decorations and frills are often avoided here. It’s about creating a relaxing place for locals and foreign guests. Philosophical, aesthetic and puristic approaches are actively implemented. There are also pure plant gardens in Japan and mixed gardens that invite you to linger. Those who visit the former Japanese capital can spend hours in the dreamy and fairytale gardens and immerse themselves in the peace and harmony. For the Japanese, the garden has a special meaning, because it is much more about the appreciation that is generated by looking at it. The focus is on gratitude and the relationship to nature. Through the different angles, arrangements and modes of action, the plants, ponds, mosses and stones, the viewer can relax and find inner balance.

Look at the garden, do not enter it – a basic rule when visiting Japanese gardens!

For you as a traveler it is important to know that you cannot just walk into the Japanese garden. The gardens in Kyoto are criss-crossed with numerous paths and platforms that the visitor is allowed to enter. The rest of the garden remains untouched. The guest can look at the facility from the paths, sit on benches and sit on the platforms. The gardens are ideal for relaxing walks and offer the opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. The gardens with their particularly large ponds are best viewed from a boat. From here you have a perfect view of the lovingly designed pond landscape and can enjoy the sight.

Special gardens in Japan that you absolutely should see

If you come to the old imperial city, you can visit the many Zen gardens, rock gardens, moss gardens and ponds, which offer a perfect backdrop for long walks. Here you can switch off, leave the stress of everyday life behind and relax.

The Zen garden of the Ryoan-ji Temple

Find your inner center in one of the Zen gardens and visit the Ryoan-ji Temple, which includes the most famous Zen garden in the world. This dry garden has been designed in a very special way. 15 rocks are placed in white sand and look like they are floating over it. The approximately 25 m long garden is not large, but its beauty is definitely worth a visit.

The Saiho-ji temple with its dreamy moss garden

Another famous garden in Kyoto is the moss garden near Saiho-ji Temple. This garden should reflect the full beauty of nature. Above all, foreign guests are fascinated by the garden. Take relaxing walks in a world full of peace and relaxation. You won’t notice the hustle and bustle of the city here, because peace and harmony are the order of the day in the Moosgarten. Remember to book your visit well in advance, as this facility requires a reservation.