Strangers attend the free open air concerts in Melbourne Australia every year

Melbourne in Australia is known for its free open air concerts, which are well attended every year. Strangers and guests from all over the world also take part and enjoy the free show. If you are planning a trip to the other end of the world, then you should keep the option of free concerts in mind. You can find out how, when and where these concerts take place in this post.

Strangers attend the free open air concerts in Melbourne Australia every year
Strangers attend the free open air concerts in Melbourne Australia every year

Experience Australia from its musical side

In the Australian city there are numerous open-air concerts every year, which are free and attended by locals and foreign guests. When you have a picnic together, you can enjoy the music and have a good time. Families, singles and friends come together, you get to know each other and benefit from the free entertainment. Before the event, free tickets will be distributed and if you have the time and energy, you can take a break and listen to the sounds in the open air. A total of four free concerts by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra take place each year.

The Sidney Myer Free Concerts visit numerous music fans every year

The Sidney Myer Free Concerts take place in the Australian city. With classical music, flute playing, violin and piano sounds, the visitors are transported into another world. Classical music is presented here in a very special way. The visitors do not come in suits, fancy dresses or evening dresses. There is no dress code, you just sit down on the picnic blanket and listen to the sounds of the orchestra. Classical music is accessible to anyone who is interested and everyone can take part in the event. The audience is mixed, because old and young people meet here, people from all over the world come together here to listen to classical music.

The kite festival and the free music event

The annual kite festival in February is a very special highlight for Australians and foreigners. You should not miss this spectacle. First you can watch the exciting dragon boat race. Companies, employees, clubs and private individuals take part in the race and then the dragon boat tug of war takes place. Last but not least, the music should not be missing, which gives the festive event a celebratory setting. There are many music performances, concerts, dance performances and of course street food, at the many stalls around the venue.

Concerts and performances in the Grollo Equiset Garden by NGV

Numerous people from near and far attend the free open-air concerts in the Grollo Equiset Garden every year. Free events are held here in April. If you want, you can enjoy a live DJ performance every evening and feast and enjoy in the garden restaurant. Celebrity chefs are on site during the concert events. Strangers and locals meet in the garden restaurant to get to know each other, to celebrate and to enjoy.

Conclusion: There are free events and concerts in Australia, most of the year

There are free open air concerts in Melbourne almost every month. Especially in the summer months, visitors can listen to classical music in the open air or dance to modern rhythms. The culinary aspect shouldn’t be neglected. At many festivals there are street food stalls or there are restaurants nearby, where the physical well-being is well catered for. Come to the Australian city and don’t miss the free open-air concerts.