The cultural diversity in Melbourne also delights short vacationers

The second largest metropolis in Australia has over 4,250,000 inhabitants. At the same time, it is the megacity on the Australian continent with the greatest cultural diversity and countless opportunities to experience something. This is also the right place for spa vacationers. Even in 1-2 days you can see a lot or get an impressive insight into your own world. You land in Tullamarine by plane and then take the Sky Bus to get to the city very quickly. The capital of the state of Victoria is rightly considered the hippest city in Australia. Therefore it is also a destination for backpackers and students from all over the world. That is why there are also students from all over the world at the universities.

The cultural diversity in Melbourne also delights short vacationers
The cultural diversity in Melbourne also delights short vacationers

Melbourne – cultural diversity also perfect for short vacationers

Melbourne has an incredible number of offers for everyone, even for short trips. On the one hand, it is of course the sports city of Australia and offers active athletes fantastic opportunities for running, water sports, surfing and cycling or hiking. And of course there are always top world sporting events like the tennis grand slam or important cricket and football games here. Those interested in street art can find many imposing paintings on the streets near Federation Square and are best explored by bike. Of course, you can also stroll through the unique streets on foot and admire the hip street art.

Melting pot of peoples – with all their peculiarities

Here you can find many traces and also living evidence of the rich Aboriginal culture. At the same time, immigrants from many countries around the world brought their culture with them. Often, however, the immigrants have also preserved their culture, which also defines the relaxed cultural diversity of the metropolis. Local Aussis can also be found on the city beach in the St. Kilda district. Here at Port Philipp Bay is practically the city’s own beach, where you can live wonderfully and soak up the Australian sun on the wooden street while you marvel at the scenery and the people. If you want to get an insight into the alternative and creative scene in the city you are in the right place in Fitzroy. In this oldest district you can find everything that defines alternative life and the world of design and fashion.

Not just a sports city – also a culinary highlight

The city is not only the sports city of Australia, but also offers an incredible amount in the areas of gastronomy, coffee and nightlife. Due to the large number of immigrants, the breadth and diverse culture of the cuisine and gastronomy is legendary here. Melbourne is also famous for its variety of coffee and coffee specialties, which can also be enjoyed in the numerous cafés on site. As a student city, the nightlife is also hip and exciting. The city practically never sleeps and has many cool and hip clubs as well as alternative hippie shops and music clubs to offer. Here you can of course also turn night into day as a short vacationer. But architecture lovers will also get their money’s worth in the diversity of the city. In addition to imposing buildings from the earlier colonial period in Victorian style, stylish roof bars can be admired as well as the most modern architectural buildings. And the best view is from the sky deck of the Eureka Tower from a height of 285 m over the pulsating city – ideally at night as a short vacationer.