Destination Sydney Australia in the exotic zoo with an overnight experience

Australia is a fascinating travel destination. The fifth continent is home to rare animal species, such as the beaked hedgehog and platypus, as well as numerous endemic (Australian) species. Representative at this point are wombats, emus, koalas, wallabies and kangaroos. The country is also home to around 350 different species of birds, including various species of parakeets and parrots and the laughing kookaburra. Seals, dolphins, whales, sharks and numerous other marine life live off the coast. A visit to the zoo, including an overnight experience, offers animal and nature lovers a very special kick.

Destination Sydney Australia in the exotic zoo with an overnight experience
Destination Sydney Australia in the exotic zoo with an overnight experience

Observe animals up close in the exotic zoo in the heart of Sydney

Many trips to Australia begin and end at the international airport. The city invites you to visit the most famous and popular landmarks and sights of Australia, to dine in top restaurants and to bathe in picturesque bays. A special attraction at the travel destination is a visit to the exotic zoo with an overnight stay. The zoo is right in the heart of the metropolis and is one of the largest on the continent. About 2600 animals, belonging to about 340 animal species, live on a total area of ​​21 hectares. The exotic zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the city. The zoo is comfortable, inexpensive and can be reached quickly by ferry and bus for visitors. Tourists arriving by ferry will take the cable car the rest of the short distance and enjoy fantastic views.

Unforgettable experiences in the zoo

A visit with an overnight stay in the zoo offers experiences that are withheld from normal zoo visitors. A zoo keeper offers participants who have booked a visit with an overnight experience in the exotic zoo amazing, unforgettable experiences and close-up access to the animals. Participants have enough time to take selfies with wombats and koalas and / or to go among the kangaroos. Animals that were not originally native to Australia also live in this zoo. Zoo visitors who have booked an overnight stay also have the opportunity to enter a zoo kitchen and watch how the feed is being prepared for the animals. A look behind the scenes of the Nocturnal House is also offered exclusively.

Overnight at the zoo

Sydney Zoo offers visitors a spectacular overnight experience and breathtaking views of the area attractions and wildlife. The zoo offers holidaymakers an exceptional place to stay. The overnight program Roar and Snore translated into German: Roar and Snore “offers visitors the opportunity to spend a night in the zoo. Overnight guests have a completely different view of the zoo. After an extended nightly zoo safari, visitors stay overnight in spacious 4- People tents under the night sky between the animal enclosures. The tents are comfortably furnished and positioned so that everyone can enjoy the breathtaking views of Sydney Harbor and other sights at the destination.

Zoo you can touch

The night safari starts with a dinner of Australian cuisine. This is followed by the nocturnal tour of the zoo. The participants in the nocturnal zoo tour gain insights that normal zoo visitors are not offered. After breakfast, visitors can look behind the scenes at the zoo again. Also on the program are petting giraffes and feeding seals. An overnight stay including meals costs around 80 euros for an adult. For children between the ages of 5 and 17, the night costs the equivalent of 50 euros.