Foreigners rent cheap cars in Los Angeles United States for sightseeing

When you drive through the city, you think of convertibles, sunglasses, fresh air and freedom. Car traffic has increased over the years, so that in stressful times or when car traffic increases significantly, the smog pollution in Los Angeles can increase. In summer and if it is hot, you can see a light cloud of haze over the city. This is not generally due to the cars, but to the industry. Alternatively, in the person of a vacationer, one takes a public transport instead of a car in order to protect the environment. It is possible to take a virtual tour of Los Angeles, for example on Google Maps or a simulator, what you will do if you read this text and want to find out more about the city. Is that an alternative for a real trip? No, not generally. One would ignore the haptic on the exploratory trips.

Foreigners rent cheap cars in Los Angeles United States for sightseeing
Foreigners rent cheap cars in Los Angeles United States for sightseeing

Importance and multiculturalism

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities and metropolitan areas in the United States. The city is multicultural, so that it is populated and visited by many tourists and foreigners. You will encounter many different people if you visit the city. In this sense, the diverse shopping and visiting opportunities in the shopping streets, which are colorful and populated. This generally means that the parking spaces are limited and the fines for traffic offenses – unlike in other countries – can be higher and the road signs do not have the same appearance, so that one should find out about driving in the foreign country beforehand so that there are no nasty surprises with the police there, regarding the recognition of the driver’s license papers. In the United States there is no identification requirement or an obligation for a place of residence but the driver’s license is the replacement for the identity card.


Special highlights are the Hollywood studios, so that you can feel like a movie star on the exploration trips with your convertible or minibus and sunglasses. The cars are modern as well as older cars or oldtimers, if you choose one to drive between times and spaces in the past and present or future. One encounters different quarters, artist quarters, quarters of foreigners, business and financial centers, for which the central skyline and the skyscrapers stand. Los Angeles is an economic and cultural center and there are opportunities to discover museums, galleries and parks to get out of the car or use public transport. Some events are held at certain times of the year in order to regulate operations and the number of visitors. These are, for example, sporting events like the Summer Olympics in 1984 and soon in 2028, football championships. There are many different options for individual training, such as fitness studios and freely accessible training options on the beach.


If you want to visit Los Angeles by car, you will rent a vehicle, explore the city on foot or take a virtual trip. The environmental problems in the city lie in the pollution and air pollution from the industrial areas, which are exacerbated by car traffic. If the car is used temporarily, you can enjoy Hollywood, various colorful neighborhoods and the footsteps of movie stars with a fancy car and sunglasses if you prefer that in the person of a foreigner and tourist.