Osaka Japan takes tourists from all over the world on a comedic entertainment journey

For many tourists, Japan is a mystery that they absolutely want to get to know. The land of the rising sun stands for a high degree of friendliness, a recurring smile and pure entertainment. Behind the metropolis of Osaka, in particular, lies a true entertainment journey that you will probably not find anywhere else in the world. In any case, the beauty of the Japanese city in the midst of modernity and tradition is unmistakable, which can be seen directly in the various construction methods of the local buildings. That’s why travelers from all over the world like to stop by here to get an impression of what the third largest Japanese city has to offer besides skyscrapers, friendly people and a very enjoyable food culture and a lot of entertainment. To everyone’s surprise, there is even a comedic side to this town.

Osaka Japan takes tourists from all over the world on a comedic entertainment journey
Osaka Japan takes tourists from all over the world on a comedic entertainment journey

Modernity meets Japanese traditions

The Japanese have been proud of their history and tradition for centuries. On this occasion, this impressive mixture can be found especially in the third largest city in Japan. While the view over the city on the Umeda Sky Building suggests that there is only one other city available for the world market with one tower after the next, deep inside the metropolis there is a traditional diversity that travelers are sure to see inspire knows. The Sumiyoshi Taisha is such a perfect example of the old tradition in the form of a shrine, which can be found in the middle of the big city. Old Japanese construction methods can also be found with Osaka Castle, in order to be able to impressively prove that modernity can very well go hand in hand with a traditionally lived society. Japan proves this with a lot of courage to change, but still meets the zeitgeist of its own roots to perfection.

Japanese comedy originated here in Osaka

Many suspect a very introspective mentality behind Japanese culture, which is certainly not entirely wrong, but also does not seem completely right. In the entertainment district of Shinsekai, bars and restaurants, numerous gambling dens in Japanese style and extraordinary shadow games await the locals and tourists. The entertainment journey does not end here, however, where the Manzai originated here. This is a stand-up comedy performance, which is significantly faster than usual, as the pace determines the joke in Japan. Skits and quick jokes are important here to make tourists from all over the world and the locals laugh. Word games, everyday situations and so-called typeface jokes are a part of stand-up comedy. However, if you don’t know the Japanese font, it should be said that the comedians also have other aces up their sleeves.

Osaka is also guaranteed to be a culinary highlight

In any case, Japanese cuisine is considered to be the healthiest cuisine in the world. There is no other explanation for the fact that most of the oldest people live in the land of the rising sun. The traditional cuisine is mainly characterized by pasta and rice, but also seafood and Fish. From tofu to sushi, Japanese cuisine also offers a variety on site that couldn’t be more delicious, so that there is no lack of catering according to your own taste. Miso soup, nori and tsukemono are other delicacies that are guaranteed to tickle the palate on Japanese soil. Little oil and few vegetables are the motto here in the kitchen, which may also speak for the increased life expectancy of the Japanese.

Multifaceted Osaka

The entertainment journey of Japan basically starts with the first day. Japan’s cities are all colorful and very eye-catching, but still maintain their traditional construction methods and combine them in modernity. This has been particularly successful in the big city and is representative of a cultural change. From the entertainment to the many sights, the trip really rounds off every facet that holidaymakers would like to discover.