Old monastery ruins in Trabzon Turkey invite curious tourists to visit

If you are interested in seeing old monastery ruins, Trabzon Turkey is the right place for you. There is a lot to discover here. Inquisitive tourists can take part in various guided tours. We present here some old monastery ruins which are definitely worth a visit.

Old monastery ruins in Trabzon Turkey invite curious tourists to visit
Old monastery ruins in Trabzon Turkey invite curious tourists to visit

Special and cultural places for curious tourists

Sumela Monastery

Spend a day visiting the enchanting Altindere National Park. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet and listen to the sound of waterfalls where you can also take wonderful photos. A guide then follows a hike to the viewpoint at the Sumela monastery, where you can admire the architecture of this monastery, which is carved directly into the cliff. Then the journey goes to the Cosandere valley. You can have lunch at the Zigana Pass. You can visit the ancient fortress Tortul with the 240 meter high glass viewing platform. The magnificent Karaca Cave is also a natural wonder that should not be missed.

Ayder Highland Mountains

The Firtina Valley, also known as the Storm Valley, is a fantastic river with elegant old bridges. There are many breathtaking viewpoints to discover from which you can admire the river, and experience it on a raft. Although these are not old monastery ruins, they are wonderful nature that is sure to inspire curious tourists.

Hagia Sophia

Visit Hagia Sophia, a church built in the 12th century that later became a mosque, then served as an ammunition depot and hospital, and finally turned into a museum. Here you can admire an architecture shaped by Georgians and the Seljuks. You can also admire a breathtaking stone frieze depicting the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, as well as the interesting frescoes of the church.

Firtina Valley and Ayder Highland and more

That is the heart of Trabzon. Stop in the Firtina valley where the water runs down under bridges in a beautiful scene. Enjoy the enchanting green nature in one of the most beautiful areas on the Black Sea. You can also explore the city’s most famous waterfall and visit the Old Osman Stone Bridge on Storm Stream in the middle of Storm Valley. The most beautiful waterfalls on the summit of the Ayer highlands invite you to visit them.

Aya Sofya Mosque and much more

Nestled in the green, forested mountains on the Black Sea, a city tour in this city is an experience. The highlight of the city tour is a visit to the Aya Sofya Mosque. This sister monument to Hagia Sophia von Stambul offers you a fantastic tour of the artifacts from the long history in the Black Sea region. As you explore the city, visit some of the country’s finest cultural heritage, including Ataturk’s Villa. It was in this house that the founder of modern Turkey stayed in this region when he visited it. Also drive to Boztepe Hill. Above the city is a park right on top of this hill from which you can admire the colorful city.


Trabzon in Turkey has interesting ruined monasteries and many other sights. You too can explore the eventful history of this impressive city.