Theatrical experiences in Bristol England through comedy music dance for the curious traveler

Bristol, in the South West of England, has a very long history. It has buildings from almost every era in the last few centuries to show visitors, but not only the architecture is impressive. As it is picturesque between the green hills and not near the sea – this city has always been a real attraction for artists and musicians.

Theatrical experiences in Bristol England through comedy music dance for the curious traveler
Theatrical experiences in Bristol England through comedy music dance for the curious traveler

The Trip Hop – Bristol Sound was invented here!

At the beginning of the 1990s, the so-called trip hop was invented here. Many world-famous stars come from the picturesque city. And with the street art artists at the latest, this place became a creative workshop. The well-known animation studio Aardman is also located in Bristol’s historic harbor district. No wonder the Bristolians are proud of their hometown.

Street artists are causing a lot of rumors

There are several artist murals on display in the city. In the Stokes Croft neighborhood, for example, “The Mild Mild West” from 1999 can be seen. It shows a teddy bear armed with a Molotov cocktail facing several police officers behind their protective shields. Around 150 street artists live here, so they designed many of the walls in a correspondingly colorful way. It is best for tourists to join one of the guided street art tours such as Where the Wall or The Ultimate Bristol Walking Tour.

Inquisitive travelers appreciate the city’s nightlife

You can hear good live music here almost every night of the week. The nightlife also makes it so exciting because ten percent of the 450,000 or so residents are young people, i.e. students. The most famous concert venues in the city are: Motion, Lakota and Cosies, which at night transforms from the well-known wine bar into a club with good music. This city shaped modern pop in the 1990s with trip hop and many bands that are based here – the city still plays a special role in the music scene in England today. The Love Saves The DayFestival, which takes place in Eastville Park for two days at the end of May, also has a well-known name. The International Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in March and is another big event with music.

Clear the stage – theater experiences are not neglected!

The curious traveler will also find a record here when it comes to theater: The Old Vic is the city’s oldest continuously operated theater in the English-speaking world. It celebrated its 250th birthday in 2016. It is said that it is the most beautiful theater in England where many famous actors and directors have worked. After renovating this theater for twelve million pounds, it shines in a new splendor. It is one of the most progressive venues in England. Comedy, dance and many other theater experiences await the visitors. If you want to see one of the performances, you have to secure tickets in good time, because the performances here are always well attended. The Georgian theater has a very diverse repertoire to offer with various theater, comedy and dance as well as music performances. In the theater there is also a ni-ce bar where you can hang out during the breaks and several restaurants are close by. Here you can have a ni-ce chat after the performances and discuss the artists.