Brewery art with local cuisine in Cologne Germany for European weekly guests

Traditional food culture and diverse indulgence – this is how you eat in Cologne. Cologne’s cuisine is deeply rooted in the country’s cultural landscapes. These are as diverse as the people who live here. The locally cultivated traditions are the breeding ground for the impressive variety of regional dishes and the art of brewing. Every place has special preferences here, including Cologne. This gives the food that European weekly guests can enjoy in Germany their unmistakable character.

Brewery art with local cuisine in Cologne Germany for European weekly guests
Brewery art with local cuisine in Cologne Germany for European weekly guests

Specialties from Cologne are real originals

The delicious dishes prepared according to the old recipe and the art of brewing have a long tradition here with close reference to this special place from Germany. The products thus convey a very familiar feeling of home to people. A number of regional specialties are offered by the gastronomy, which are made from the best raw materials and of outstanding quality. The whole variety of unique products for European weekly guests can be enjoyed here.
You experience food from the region as something special and, above all, the products of the art of brewing are unique. In addition to guaranteed freshness and taste, the production method plays a particularly important role in this city. The traditional specialties stand for their homeland: “Flönz” is world-famous in the cathedral city on the Rhine. Many other specialties are also the best ambassadors for their origins in this wonderful city on the Rhine. Everything here revolves around the sausage. The people of Cologne love meat, especially the ham and of course the pumpernickel. Cologne residents also appreciate their sauerbraten and mussels in white wine (although this dish does not necessarily come from the cathedral city). The passion for beer is also world-famous and a Kölsch should never be missed as a visitor.

Beer is available to drink as well as to spoon

In addition to meat, beer is one of the staple foods in the cathedral city. You can’t avoid Kölsch on a tour of the city. No other city has so many breweries. If you want to get to know them, you can book a Kölsch tour and explore the liquid bread glass by glass. The cathedral city has many good traditional pubs, pubs and home-style restaurants that serve the local cuisine. Weekly guests expect generous portions because they don’t cut down on size. Examples are giant schnitzel or sauerbraten made from horse meat, sour kidneys and much more. Surprises are inevitable.

Anyone visiting Germany should get to know Cologne’s food culture

During their visit to the cathedral city, European weekly guests will not only enjoy the cultural monuments such as the famous Cologne Cathedral, but also get to know and love the Kölsch art of brewing and cuisine.