San Francisco adventure experience for hikers in the United States

San Francisco Bay is a real adventure for hikers in the United States. On a boat trip, hikers go around the famous prison island of Alcatraz. You drive under the Golden Gate Bridge through and around Alcatraz and listen to the exciting reports of daring escape attempts and notorious criminals who were at home in Alcatraz. While cruising around Alcatraz Island, participants can see every corner of the mysterious island. Famous prisoners were held there. On this adventure you can get an idea of what life was like in this maximum security prison at the time when it was the most feared institution in the United States’ penal system.

San Francisco adventure experience for hikers in the United States
San Francisco adventure experience for hikers in the United States

Guided tour for tourists on the city bank

Meet the guide at the northern part of Fisherman’s Wharf and then the experience in the United States begins with the breathtaking view of this bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Hear how the city went from a sleepy village to a booming port city when the gold rush hit the nation in 1849. Tourists experience the well-known former chocolate factory in Ghirardelli Square and stroll along the foggy bank and marvel at the many stalls where you can get crab and clam soup in sourdough bread bowls. Visitors stroll on the historic Barbary Coast Trails, while the guide tells of the varied past. On the way to Pier 39, you can admire the historic ships in the harbor.

Sunset bike tour and an Alcatraz

Tourists cross San Francisco Bay on a ferry to Alcatraz Prison. This prison, known around the world, was a federal prison from 1934 to 1963 and housed notorious criminals. Tourists can take the 45-minute cellhouse audio tour and hear the stories of inmates who lived in Alcatraz. The story is brought to a new life through anecdotes from the guards and inmates. The bike tour is automatically booked for the day before the trip to Alcatraz. On the guided bike tour, participants follow the coastal road along the San Francisco pier. First cycle past the former airport Crissy Field and along Fort Point to the breathtaking to the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. Visitors see the city in the best light at sunset and can stop and take photos at any time. You cross the Golden Gate Bridge on the west side, facing the ocean, on the special bike path that is only open from 3:00 p.m. With an e-bike you cycle at a moderate pace and enjoy the skyline of this wonderful city at dusk – an unforgettable panorama!

The history of the city is clearly visible!

If you start in Lafayette Park you can see various Victorian mansions from the outside. Drive past the famous terraced houses and the guide will tell you what it costs to live in such an exclusive house. The next stop and highlight of a tour is special access to a Victorian mansion that has been lovingly restored and features a collection of Victorian artifacts. The tour is led by the owner of this home. The last stop on this tour is Alamo Square. Home of the “Painted Ladies”. The adventure experience for hikers through the United States is this unique city by the sea.