Exciting tours and caving for vacationers in Ha Long Vietnam

Vacationers in Vietnam do not have to be prepared for city breaks or beach vacations. Tourists can also discover the geological features of this country, for example, take caving tours in Ha Long. If you want to do that, you have to go to the north of this Asian country, more precisely to Halong Bay.

Exciting tours and caving for vacationers in Ha Long Vietnam
Exciting tours and caving for vacationers in Ha Long Vietnam

Myth and Geology

This bay covers a region of 1500 square kilometers in the Gulf of Tonkin, located in Quang Ninh Province. Here, around 1969 limestone rocks, mostly uninhabited rocks and islands, sometimes rise several hundred meters out of the water. The region has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Vinh Ha Long means Bay of the Submerging Dragon. According to legend, the region was created by a dragon that lived near the sea in the mountains. His tail is said to have drawn the deep furrows that were then flooded by the sea. From a geological point of view, the bay was probably formed by cone karst that drowned in the Holocene. However, some of the caves and grottos, like some beaches in this region, can only be entered at low tide. This means that corresponding tours for caving by tourists take place in a very narrow time window. There are some bizarre stalactites and stalagmites in the caves, like holidaymakers may know from their home country. It is a very interesting region, stretching from Yên Hung District through Ha Long City and Cam Pha to Yân Don District. The region borders the Gulf of Tonkin to the south and south-east. The coastline is 120 kilometers.

caves and grottos

The grotto Hang Trong (meaning Tambourg grotto) or the Hang Dau Go (the cave of the wooden poles) and many other caves and grottos are of different sizes and shapes. Some of the caves are illuminated by special light effects, which makes a visit there a special experience. Seen from the mainland, Hang Dau Go Cave is the closest cave. This cave consists of three different levels, which can be reached via stairs carved in stone. The special feature of the Hang Trong Grotto is the play of the wind. That is, when wind blows through the grotto and caresses the stalactites and stalagmites, it sounds like distant percussion music. There are also caves that were of great importance during the Vietnam War, such as Cat Ba. This cave was developed into a reception camp for refugees and the sick and also as a supply depot. In the cave on Cat Ba, for example, a cave has been converted into a military hospital

importance for tourism

Tours that are designed to be expeditions through caves and grottos with tourists are becoming more and more important for vacationers in Vietnam. Because the tourists are not only drawn to the beautiful beaches in this country. A lot has been done to ensure that this region with its caves and grottos can be easily developed for tourism. In December 2018, Van Don International Airport was opened near the bay. The capital of the region has also become a special place of entertainment, but now with expensive restaurants and hotels and therefore more for the financially strong tourists.