Boat tours for vacationers to the rock giants in Ha Long Vietnam

Anyone who has already been to Vietnam would like to visit this breathtaking country again. The country and its people literally cast a spell on holidaymakers. The unique nature and biodiversity attract numerous visitors to the country every year. You simply have to see the rock giants in Ha Long Bay, because the rock formations are among the most popular excursion destinations. Find out what to expect on this excursion and how to spend an unforgettable day in the bay.

Boat tours for vacationers to the rock giants in Ha Long Vietnam
Boat tours for vacationers to the rock giants in Ha Long Vietnam

Experience Vietnam’s unique beauty in Ha Long Bay

A day trip to the bay is a must if you want to visit the top attractions. The mysterious place has a long history and myths and legends surround the legendary bay. On the shore there are numerous boat owners who offer a tour and want to take you to Ha Long Bay. The UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts thousands of visitors every year, because you rarely get to see such a beautiful backdrop. Even the old seafarers raved about the wonderful scenery, the outstanding rock giants, the low-lying sky and the delightful sunsets. Adventurers, lovers and those keen to discover everything will get their money’s worth here. Cloud-covered limestone cliffs protrude from the green-blue shimmering water. The magical environment invites you to dream. On the popular boat tours, visitors are taken into another world. You can also book multi-day tours through the fairytale landscape, take a kayak tour and experience an exciting time. Get to know the country and its people better and discover remote corners with your boat guide.

What is the legend about the Vietnamese Bay?

Ha Long means “the bay of the submerged dragon”. According to legend, a dragon is responsible for the bay and rock formations. As it crossed the stretch of land, it left a trail of devastation and large furrows remained in the ground. The furrows were flooded when the dragon plunged into the water. The dragon stands as a symbol for the strength of the people, in the fight against hostile tribes and conquerors. When the country was founded, enemy ships came by trying to enrich themselves with the treasure. The dragon spat out precious stones, which instantly transformed into today’s rock formations. The enemies had no chance to fight the dragon and their ships were completely destroyed.

What should you watch out for if you want to book good boat tours?

If you book your excursion through the travel agent, then you can lay back and relax and enjoy your tour to the full. However, if you are traveling on your own, you have to choose the best skipper on the shore. Here you have to be careful and make sure that you do not get an inferior boat tour. Take a closer look at the captain and boat and don’t choose the cheapest provider. Often dubious scammers hide behind the cheap offers, who sail you around on rickety boats or cancel the tour altogether. From the island of Cat Ba, you have good conditions, good boat tours on offer and trustworthy boatmen who will take you to the desired destination.

Conclusion: excursion to the rock giants in Vietnam, breathtaking scenery and unique panorama

Have you always wanted to visit a very special place? Here in the Vietnamese bay, vacationers can marvel at a unique natural panorama. Visit the impressive rock formations and take a boat tour to the most remote places in Vietnam. Let yourself be shown breathtaking natural phenomena and book a multi-day tour, far away from hectic tourism.