Toronto Canada as a colorful city is experienced by foreign visitors as a multi-cultural metropolis

Toronto is a vibrant and colorful city and the country’s economic magnet. Everything that has rank and name romps here. The Canadian city is the largest city in the country and world-famous as a multi-cultural metropolis. Lake Ontario, the many shopping opportunities, the well-paying jobs and the excellent infrastructure are some of the reasons why many people want to live here. More and more holidaymakers are discovering Canada as an attractive travel destination and a visit to the metropolis is a must. Find out why it is worth visiting and which highlights await you.

Toronto Canada as a colorful city is experienced by foreign visitors as a multi-cultural metropolis
Toronto Canada as a colorful city is experienced by foreign visitors as a multi-cultural metropolis

Foreign guests warmly welcome! The colorful city welcomes your guests with a smile

Canadians look forward to foreign guests because they are proud of the beautiful country, the city and the many attractions. The multi-cultural metropolis has something to offer for every taste, attracts with many excursion destinations and is worth a trip for small and large visitors. In Canada you can do sports, explore the natural diversity, shop, relax, enjoy culture and art, enjoy delicious food and selected drinks and discover the lively city life for yourself.

What makes Toronto so unique?

The world meets in the multi-cultural metropolis. Artists and musicians from all over the world come together in the old town. Here you can experience the hustle and bustle up close and immerse yourself deeply in a modern world that you have not yet noticed. Lake Ontario gives the city an impressive backdrop and is a popular destination. The lively and cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer holidaymakers. The metropolis is known as the best city in the world, because it is a good place to live, earn money and celebrate. Enjoy the unique nightlife and party miles or go on a culture and discovery tour. Anyone who has visited this colorful city will rave about it for a long time and marvel at the holiday photos.

What sights are there to marvel at in and around Toronto?

The Canadian city of 2.6 million has plenty of attractions and sights to offer to locals and tourists alike. These excursion destinations must definitely be on the list:

Casa Loma Castle

This fairytale castle is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a short time. Immerse yourself in another time, marvel at a total of 98 rooms in medieval style or let the story tell you during a tour. Casa Loma Castle has already made its setting available for numerous films.

Zoo in the metropolis, the largest zoo in the world

In total, the zoo is home to 16,000 animals and is one of the largest zoo complexes in the world. Visitors and foreign guests can enter every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and marvel at the many species of animals on 10 km of running and hiking trails.

Aiming high in the Canadian National Tower

Get an impression of the size of the city right from the start and take a bird’s eye view of the hustle and bustle. At that time, this television tower was considered the tallest tower in Canada and in the world. There are three platforms on the tower; the glass platform is a particular challenge for the particularly daring. Here you can overcome your fear of heights and climb to 446 m.

Visit to Niagara Falls

About 90 minutes away by car is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. If you are visiting the colorful city, then under no circumstances should you miss out on Niagara Falls. A visit is especially worthwhile at night, because then the waterfalls are illuminated and offer an unforgettable experience.