Hanoi is endless fun for travelers who love hot temperatures

Hanoi is the capital of the Asian country Vietnam and an increasingly popular destination for travelers and tourists.
The following text provides insights into the city and shows what makes this place so special.

Hanoi is endless fun for travelers who love hot temperatures
Hanoi is endless fun for travelers who love hot temperatures

Hanoi is a real metropolis

With a good 8 million inhabitants, the city has gigantic dimensions and is accordingly diverse. Many people associate the capital with its exciting architecture. Some of the buildings are several hundred years old and shape the cityscape. Also striking are the many temples that are scattered all over the place. The Tran Quoc Pagoda, a Buddhist temple, is very popular with tourists. The sight is unique in any case. The old town should be high on the must-see must-see list in Vietnam’s capital. There is a market here every day, which opens its doors in the early morning hours and only closes late in the evening. A visit brings exciting insights into the culture and general life of the residents.

Further sights of Hanoi

If you want to learn something on your travels and try to understand other cultures, you should pay a visit to the city’s ethnological museum. It is considered one of the best museums in the whole country. Another museum that comes highly recommended is the Ho Chi Minh Museum. It brings you closer to the country’s past and the tour is very exciting and well done. If you are more drawn to nature, the Cát Bà National Park is the place for you. Basically, this park has everything you could hope for from a walk in nature: beaches, caves, mountains and jungles. It is considered the most beautiful national park in all of Vietnam. It should be said, however, that the park is just 150 km from the city center. But whoever undertakes this “extra trip” will be rewarded like a king with a spectacular natural spectacle. Another attraction that is back in town is Hoan Kiem Lake. It is about 700 m long and even has two islands and a peninsula on which another interesting temple can be found. This lake is also a must for travelers.

The climate

All in all, Hanoi has hot temperatures. The coldest month is January, when an average of 20 degrees Celsius is measured. The hottest month is June with about 33 degrees Celsius. There is also a very high level of humidity, which ensures that the already hot temperatures feel even warmer. In any case, it is recommended to drink enough and to wear a hat to counteract the heat.

The prices

In Vietnam the currency dong persists. The exchange rate is: 1 euro to 27,283.58 dong. The prices are all in all very low. If you go out to eat in an average restaurant, you can get by with around 2-3 euros. The attractions and sights are comparatively a bit more expensive, as tourists are expected here, but are still more than affordable.


The capital of Vietnam is definitely worth a visit. The city has countless stories to tell, the people of Hanoi are warm and hospitable and prices are extremely affordable. Hot temperatures aren’t something that should deter you from traveling there. On the contrary. One or the other might fly to Hanoi for that very reason.