Penang Island has many sights and great highlights rolled into one

Malaysia is a great spectacle for many travelers in Southeast Asia. The country also has a lot to offer. A trip to Penang Island is particularly tough. In addition to the beach, sun and sea, this Malaysian island also offers many highlights in terms of sights that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. There is a lot to discover and experience on this island, so that a trip there is more than just a simple trip to a Southeast Asian country.

Penang Island has many sights and great highlights rolled into one
Penang Island has many sights and great highlights rolled into one

Discover a lot on the Malaysian island

There is really no shortage of sights on the Malaysian island of Penang Island. If you like to experience and discover a lot, and want to immerse yourself in other cultures, this is the right place. The cultures of Buddhism, Islam and the western world are very impressive on the island. So it is a good idea to visit one or more of the numerous Buddhist temples and immerse yourself in another world. The Ke Lok Si Temple is particularly impressive, especially architecturally. This temple towers like a large monument in a suburb of the island’s capital, George Town. It is not for nothing that the Ke Lok Si Temple is one of the largest temples in the whole of Southeast Asia. Those who are already amazed outside will certainly not be able to get out of the astonishment inside the temple. But the so-called snake temple is also worth a visit. This temple is not that big, but it has a special peculiarity. Wagler’s lance vipers, venomous snakes that appear intoxicated, snake around the altar. In addition, the temple complex also houses a serpentarium in an adjoining building, in which the poisonous snakes are bred. There are also exciting impressions to be gained there. The Kuyan Yin Temple is also a feast for the eyes and more than worth seeing. When traveling through the Islamic world, the Captain Keling Mosque should not be missing and foreign influences can be seen particularly well at the Khoo Kongsi house. On the island, however, the European influences are still visible, especially in the colonial architecture, which is discovered again and again, especially in the administrative buildings in the island’s capital, George Town. Of course, those who love nature will not miss out either. A walk through the botanical garden or a visit to the famous butterfly farm are also highlights of a trip to this place in Malaysia.

Spend good hours on the beaches

A little relaxation should certainly not be missing on a vacation. Especially after the many special impressions and experiences, relaxation is certainly good for you. Not only walks can be used for this, which can lead through cities and nature on the Malaysian island. Relaxing hours on one of the many beautiful beaches also add variety to your stay on Penang Island. Whether on Monkey Beach, Batu Ferringhi Beach or on one of the other beaches on the island, the holiday feeling is not neglected here. The sea has a pleasant temperature, most of the year the sun is shining and so time out on the beach is a wonderful experience.

Be active on the island

Those who like to be active and want to do more than just stroll through the area can do so on the Malaysian island as well. Bike tours through the multi-faceted landscape, boat tours or a trip with the beach cable car to the mountain Penang Hill are experiences that you won’t soon forget. The pictures of such tours are sure to stay in the memory for a long time.