Johor Bahru the city at the port not only attracts believers to the old mosque but also tourists

Johor Bahru is a port city in southern Malaysia. Most tourists see the border town as a gateway to the neighboring country or from the opposite direction to Malaysia. Wrong, because staying in the city for several days is worth it. Numerous unique sights and tourist attractions have been renovated in the past to make the city on the east coast more attractive and exciting for vacationers. Everywhere in the city and in the green surroundings a touch of the past is omnipresent. The rich multicultural heritage of lifestyle, architecture, traditional dances, festivals, delicious food and traditions goes far beyond the first impression tourists get when they look at the huge palm oil and fruit plantations.

Johor Bahru the city at the port not only attracts believers to the old mosque but also tourists
Johor Bahru the city at the port not only attracts believers to the old mosque but also tourists

Major attractions in Johor Bahru

In and around the inexpensive commuter city of Johor Bahru, there are a few attractions that are well worth a visit. The most important sights that holidaymakers should not miss are the old Sultan Abu Bakar mosque, the museum of the same name, the symbol of the city (Sultan’s Palace), the art gallery, the spacious city square including clock tower and minaret, the large duty-free zone (Duty Free ), the Grand Palace Park, the traditional Malay pottery, the night market, the zoo, the race track outside the city and the artisan village. There are also several national parks, waterfalls and other tourist attractions in the vicinity.

The old mosque attracts devout Muslims and tourists like a magnet

The old mosque not only attracts believers, but also numerous travelers. The impressive building is built on a high hill and can be seen from different parts of the city. From this hill there is a wonderful view of the sea, specifically of the strait. The sacred building was completed in 1900. The construction took a total of eight years. The mosque offers space for a maximum of 2000 people in the interior. This beautiful mosque is the state mosque in JB and the surrounding area

Worth seeing from the outside and inside

Not only the interiors, but also the beautiful colonial-style architecture of the building in the city by the harbor are worth seeing. It differs from the numerous other mosques in Malaysia by the skilful, harmonious combination of the two architectural styles. Only devout Muslims are allowed in. However, foreign travelers are allowed to take a stroll in the extensive grounds and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the city, the surrounding area and the sea from the hill.

Other sights in the vicinity of the mosque

In the immediate vicinity of the old mosque there is another interesting sight, the great palace. This building is the former main palace of the incumbent sultan. He is the current residence of the sultan. The interiors may therefore not be viewed. The tower of the residence is more than 30 meters high and is the symbol of the city. The building has been used by the state government since 1940.

A visit to the old mosque should definitely be combined with a visit to the museum of the same name. Before the building was converted into a museum, it served as the main palace. Here you can not only see an impressive collection of valuable exhibits, but also the spacious, well-tended, splendid garden. The magnificent building in the city by the harbor is still the official venue for royal receptions and ceremonies to this day.