Walk-in sculptures are one of the new attractions in New York

New York is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. In addition to many well-known sights, walk-in sculptures have recently become very popular. On the one hand, they serve as a great backdrop for beautiful holiday pictures, but also offer a great view over New York.

Walk-in sculptures are one of the new attractions in New York
Walk-in sculptures are one of the new attractions in New York

“The Vessel” – 154 stairs, 2500 steps and 45 meters high

A fairly new and extremely impressive sculpture from the United States is “The Vessel” in New York. 80 balconies offer enough space for onlookers who want to enjoy the view over the quarter. But even those who find the 2500 steps too much can still visit “The Vessel”. The accessible sculpture has an elevator. Not only the view outside is worth a visit, this sight especially shines with its interior. Since the architecture is absolutely impressive, “The Vessel” offers a particularly beautiful backdrop for everyone who enjoys taking pictures and being photographed. The copper-colored beehive is located in a luxury New York neighborhood and is definitely worth a visit! With a height of 45 meters, there is no gigantic view, but the area is still worth seeing. Tickets must be booked online in good time, as demand is currently quite high.

“Hope” and “Love” – ​​worth more than just a photo

The “Hope” and “Love” sculptures may not belong to the most classic sights, but because of their profound meaning they are in great demand. Each of these is a block of words in a square shape. Although this sight does not allow a view, with a little skill it can also be visited for a photo. Whether it’s a marriage proposal on the “Love” sculpture, a message through a photo on the “Hope” sculpture, or just a ni-ce photo for the social media account – these two sculptures offer versatility. So everyone can make their own thoughts about the individual meanings of these two words.

A real New York fame – the Statue of Liberty

One of the most famous landmarks in the United States is the Statue of Liberty. This is both the symbol of New York, but is also considered the most popular walk-in sculpture in the country. What was not so popular in recent years due to the high onslaught has recently been back in trend: photos on the Statue of Liberty with the river or the city in the background. When the weather is ni-ce, the view over the New York skyline and the harbor is particularly good at a height of 93 meters. This is a gift to the USA in 1886. This sculpture is now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The price of the ticket includes both the ferry ride and entry to the Statue of Liberty.

Alice in Wonderland as a walk-in sculpture

Various parks offer both tourists and New Yorkers themselves relaxation and attractions. There is a recreated sculpture of Alice in Wonderland that is not only a joy for children. Big and small can visit this sculpture for free and enjoy the hatter, Alice and the rabbit from the fairy tale. This sculpture was erected in 1959 by an artist in memory of his late wife. A trip to the most famous New York park can also be combined with this sight.

Whether a visit to “The Vessel” sculpture, an excursion to the Alice in Wonderland sculpture for lovers of fairy tales or trendy photos on the “Love” and “Hope” blocks – walk-in statues are not just an experience, photos of them delight you great popularity and serve as a lifelong memory!