The city of Vancouver in Canada is the main destination for mountaineering tourism

Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada, is the main mountaineering tourism destination. Tourism in Canada focuses on sustainability instead of mass tourism. The cosmopolitan city of Vancouver has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming the greenest city in the world. The tourism offers offer holidaymakers a wide range of opportunities to discover the metropolis and the breathtaking nature in the area. The main destination for tourists within the metropolis is the pulsating city center. In the middle of the metropolis, numerous well-tended gardens and parks invite you to linger and relax.

The city of Vancouver in Canada is the main destination for mountaineering tourism
The city of Vancouver in Canada is the main destination for mountaineering tourism

Canada – an Eldorado for climbers and active vacationers

Due to the diverse landscapes Vancouver is a Mecca for mountain bikers, hikers, paddlers and mountaineers. The city has always been considered the gateway to the wild. The change between the world metropolis and the wilderness is almost seamless. The North Shore Mountains loom just beyond the city center. It is bounded by a fjord both to the west and to the east. There are three provincial parks between the fjords. You can be reached from the metropolis in 30 minutes by bus or car. The drive to the mountain resort takes only a few minutes longer.

Numerous mountains are the main destination for climbers

The density of destinations for outdoor athletes and mountaineers is enormous. Special adventures await climbers in the Provincial Park. Here is Mount Bishop, which is rarely climbed by high-level tourists. Even the ascent to the upstream saddle is a great challenge for summiteers. The tour to the summit starts from the saddle on the sparingly signposted route to the summit at an altitude of 1509 meters. The ascent to the summit is rewarded with a breathtaking view of the natural surroundings. Ropes attached to trees provide support during the descent. During the rainy season the route becomes a mud runway.

Of course, the world metropolis also offers mountaineers the opportunity to go on multi-day tours. The trail to the ski area starting in Provincial Park, for example, is popular. The view ahead falls involuntarily on two conspicuous camel humps made of dark diorite rock. They are the symbol of the Northshore Mountains and the destination of mountaineers.

Summiteer from Cypress Mountain

A 30-kilometer tour takes summiteers from Cypress Mountain to the riverside. For this tour, climbers should plan at least 15 walking hours and ideally one night. Camping is allowed within the protected area. Those who go on trekking tours through the national park have to be prepared for an encounter with bears. Caution is therefore necessary.

The trail ends at the gates of the cosmopolitan city. The entrance to the river valley is guarded by the impressive Stawamus Chief rock. The steep face of this rock has a height of 600 meters and attracts climbers like a magnet.

About 30 kilometers away the “Black Tusk” (black tusk) rises from a sea of ​​peaks. Two days must be planned for climbing the summit. From there you have a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. The viewing platform is located at a height of 7850 meters. There are overnight accommodations for a maximum of 30 people in the camp.

This destination in the southwest of Canada offers everything the heart of eco-tourists, climbing fans and nature lovers could desire. Its perfect location between the mountains and the sea makes the metropolis a top destination for holidaymakers. The possibilities for activities and exciting experiences in nature are almost limitless here. A large number of destinations in the vicinity that can be reached in a short time also enable business and city travelers who are only briefly in the metropolis to experience spectacular nature.