Da Nang is an imposing city for newcomers to Vietnam

Da Nang is an an industrial city on the coast in central Vietnam. The area has a population of just under a million and consists of many commercial ports and an airport, but the area is also becoming increasingly interesting for tourists, apart from the main trade. Because the coast has a lot to offer and is still undiscovered by many tourists, so that traveling here comes with a certain flair, because western tourists are still the exception in this place for the time being. Newcomers benefit from this flair and the trip becomes unique because it is not a highly frequented destination that is overrun by tourists. So there is a lot to discover in the metropolis and the remoteness makes the trip an experience.

Da Nang is an imposing city for newcomers to Vietnam
Da Nang is an imposing city for newcomers to Vietnam

Da Nang – coastal city in the center of Vietnam

A special feature of the holiday destination are the two beaches that enhance the port city. On the one hand, there is Nam O Beach, which is relatively remote and has few visitors. On the other hand, there is a beach south of the Son Tra peninsula, which is divided into different areas or areas. Due to the fact that there are no party beaches or the like, there is enough space for rest. The beaches have bars and restaurants, but they are not built close to each other and there is therefore no feeling that this is mass tourism.

After all, the city offers more than just the idyllic beach, because cultural and historical aspects also make a trip worthwhile. For example, there is the opportunity to explore Monkey Mountain. This is located in the Son Tra Peninsula northeast of this trading town. In fact, there are also monkeys here, as the name suggests. The highest point of the island is about 693 meters above sea level and there is a fabulous view of the sea and the landscape.

What sights does the trading city offer

There is also the opportunity to look at the many cathedrals as well as the typical pagodas, which can only be found in this design, mainly in Asia. An exploration of Caodaism is also interesting, as it is a young religion from Vietnam that has syncretistic features. Views from all world religions are united in one religion and the temples shape the cityscape positively or are worth seeing.

Furthermore, the limestone cliffs are worth a visit, because Buddhist pagodas were built between the mountains, which adorn the area. The rocky landscape also has different heights and arches and offers both beautiful views and views.


Newcomers will benefit from the many attractions and long beach along the coast. The city has a lot to offer and is not just a stopover, as is sometimes assumed, because on closer inspection there are many sights and cultural places that add value to the trip. In addition, it is not a classic vacation because it is not a major hub of the tourism industry, so a trip here is unmistakable. The journey of discovery through the areas gives insights into landscapes that are not yet available in official travel guides, which is why the trip becomes a unique experience. All those who value individualism when traveling will get their money’s worth here.