Economic center of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City a destination for foreigners

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city and economic center of Vietnam. The city of millions is very advanced economically. It is an industrial city, the transport hub for the surrounding area and a cultural center with many universities, theaters, cinemas, museums, monuments and parks. As a result, many foreigners live there and it is a popular travel destination. Ho Chi Minh City is divided into 19 districts and five counties. There is no so-called center core. The city results from the districts and counties.

Economic center of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City a destination for foreigners
Economic center of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City a destination for foreigners

The beautiful city is located in the tropical climate zone

The main rainy season is from May to October. A trip here is not recommended. Most of the precipitation is said to be in September and can sometimes lead to flooding. The very high humidity is associated with a high temperature again in April and May. These two months are the hottest.

The sights

There are various theaters where modern fashion shows, plays or films are presented. There are several museums for art and culture lovers. You can see, for example, paintings of the history of Vietnam, exhibitions of tanks and weapons, many photos and objects from the Vietnam War, as well as art and statues in a colonial villa. Almost all roads are built in the French style. Adorned with many bars, restaurants and designer boutiques. The road network is simple and there are only a few main roads. The longest leads from the city center to the botanical garden. Difficult to understand at first, but as soon as you have reached one of the main streets, you can quickly find your way around the heart of Vietnam.

The former town hall was built as a colonial building and is decorated with Corinthian columns, classic figures and shutters. In the beautiful park in front of the building there is a statue of the city’s namesake “Ho Chi Minh” with a small child on his lap, which he is guarding. With its own helipad in the upper third of the building, the Financial Tower is the second largest building in the economic center of Vietnam.

The largest skyscraper is Landmark 81

The cable-stayed bridge is also absolutely worth seeing for foreigners and holidaymakers. It includes six lanes and runs over the Saigon River. The Church of the East, called Notre Dame, is built with bricks similar to that in other cities. Only the statues in the forecourt and in the cathedral differ from other cathedrals. The simple building with bricks is replaced inside the cathedral by breathtaking and splendid statues as well as high and colorful window glasses.
Even if there are no church tours planned, it definitely pays off to take a look.

Culinary Vietnam

The gastronomy and culinary arts in Vietnam are particularly inviting for foreigners. Ho Chi Minh City is considered the country’s culinary metropolis. In addition to numerous Vietnamese restaurants, there are now more and more international cuisines. Due to the increasing number of foreigners immigrating to the economic center of Vietnam, more and more international restaurants are opening their doors. If you live in the city, it is definitely a welcome change from the local food. As a holidaymaker, you would rather get to know and taste the country’s cuisine in addition to the culture.
The quality of the kitchen is very high and, compared to western standards, very inexpensive.

The infrastructure

The city is not only the economic center of Vietnam, but also the center of trade. In addition to a modern seaport, it is also owned by the country’s largest stock exchange. The economy is growing annually and will continue to grow steadily.