Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Great travel tips and recommendation for foreigners

One of the annually recurring travel tips is a Vietnam family vacation. Adventurous it is here in a foreign culture. In the city, vacationers can relax or discover countless things. A perfect mix of beach holidays and active holidays, where young and old alike can get their money’s worth. Ho Chi Minh City has a lot to offer foreigners.

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Great travel tips and recommendation for foreigners
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Great travel tips and recommendation for foreigners

A different kind of family trip

Whether alone or with the whole family – this trip will reveal countless highlights of the country. There are many tips for travel, but Vietnam is a very hot tip. Vacationers get to know the contrasts between the bustling city and the natural beauty. The landscapes alone with 4,000 years of history and Vietnamese culture surpass everything.

This city – a recommendation for your next vacation

There are hotels in this city for every requirement. A special experience is the overnight stay in a traditional guest house. Vacationers can even spend the night on a boat in Ha L-ong Bay. The city offers hot travel tips every year, for example great round trips. Family trips can also be booked in this way. Here the vacationers are taken to certain highlights of the country.

A stunning alien culture

The bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City overwhelm visitors with small silk shops, Vietnamese scents and ancient pagodas. This diverse culture features modern skyscrapers, beautiful French colonial palaces that symbolize the power of this economic metropolis. The residents maintain their historical heritage, especially at the town hall and the municipal theatre. On the other hand, the boulevards are mostly populated by motorbikes and lots of ni-ce people, so every attempt to cross the street quickly becomes a whole new experience.

Impressive walks

In this city you can shop 24 hours a day. Here skyscrapers are combined with architectural heritage. Beautiful walks and city tours offer an insight into the hustle and bustle. For those who are interested, there is The Notre-Damé Cathedral Basilica and the Opera House. An interesting starting point is the Ben Thanh Market. It is not only popular because of the exotic offers, but also because of the low prices. Also worth mentioning is the Cao Dai Temple Complex and the majestic Reunification Palace. The city combines many different cultures and the recommendation to go on holiday here is understandable, because wonderful impressions make this holiday something very special.