Budapest in Hungary one of the best places for family vacation

If you want to get to know new cultural traditions, you should travel to Hungary. The country is suitable for all ages from young to old to visit and has many attractions to offer for a family vacation. Not only in the capital of the country, Budapest, but also in other parts of the country there is a lot to discover and marvel at.

Budapest in Hungary one of the best places for family vacation
Budapest in Hungary one of the best places for family vacation

General information about Budapest in Hungary

The country is located in Central Europe and has around 9.8 million inhabitants. The state has a long historical past and still offers a unique culture today. Many great countries and kingdoms influenced the land, making the culture unique over the centuries. The capital of the country, which has been independent for over 100 years, is Budapest. This is also the largest city in the country, as well as the cultural center of the country. Over 1.7 million people live here. The country on the Danube borders on seven different countries. There are also several mountains as well as lakes and rivers inland.

Attractions across the country

The country offers many sights to visit. All age groups can take a look at the country and discover the culture here. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe. Despite its size, it is still relatively unknown here, despite the fact that it is a great travel destination in all seasons. The lake is only about an hour’s drive from the capital. In summer you can cool off here in the lake, cool off and relax. Due to the size of the lake, there is enough space for every visitor. In addition to a cave, which is more than three kilometers long and can also be visited, various events take place around the lake throughout the year. This place is an adventure for the whole family.

History fans will also get their money’s worth with Eger Castle. The castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe and is almost half a millennium old. The fascinating architecture of the castle can be admired directly from the numerous excellent restaurants and cafes. In the Miskolctapolca cave bath the whole family can relax or romp together in the warm water. The cave bath is located in a natural cave and can be visited all year round (except January). Many exciting caves can be found in the Aggtelek National Park. You can also enjoy nature here and just switch off.

More great sights in Hungary

– the Festetics Palace, a baroque style palace with a great history and a magnificent design
– Gödöllo Castle, a castle of many kings and rulers

Sights in Budapest

In the cathedral “Cathedral of Our Lady and Saint Adalbert” there is a lot to discover on a family holiday. Here you can see the largest painting on a canvas in the world and a spectacular dome. In a treasury of the cathedral there are valuable treasures of the Church in Hungary. The capital can be admired from afar from above. If you are already in the capital, the castle palace must also be visited. The beautiful castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle stands majestically over the Danube with a grandiose design. From the top you have a wonderful view of the Danube and the whole city. If you want to experience some culture on a family holiday, you should definitely visit the Great Market Hall. Here you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables from the region, meat and fish, as well as souvenirs from Hungary. The market is open every day except Sundays. The chain bridge runs over the Danube in the capital. The bridge was completed over 170 years ago, making it the first bridge to connect the two sides. Today it is a symbol of the city and the most famous bridge. The bridge is about 375 meters long. The Great Synagogue is one of the largest and most beautiful synagogues outside of Israel. The building can also be visited by tourists and the architecture of the building can be admired.
The Hungarian parliament building in the middle of the city on the Danube is also very impressive. It is the largest building in the capital and looks mighty and majestic right next to the Danube. The lighting is also worth a visit at night.

More sights in Budapest

– St. Stephen’s Basilica Church, a magnificent church in the capital
– Memento Park, a retreat park with lots of historical statues and plaques to read