Sights and attractions in London from England

London is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists. Many sights and attractions draw visitors to the British capital. A lot can be learned about the culture and history of the metropolis in numerous interesting places. Some places, like Big Ben, are among the first topics mentioned in an English class. But the capital of England offers many more exciting things and is great fun for many age groups.

Sights and attractions in London from England
Sights and attractions in London from England

General information about the City of London

The metropolis is both the capital and the cultural center of the United Kingdom of England. The city consists of a total of 33 individual city districts, in which almost 9 million people live. The settlement was founded as early as 50 AD. About 1000 years later it was named the island’s capital and has been one of the most important trading centers in Europe ever since. Today it is a cosmopolitan city, especially in the fields of politics, industry and technology. The contrast between the large financial center and the numerous cultural centers, some of which are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is gigantic and attracts over 19 million tourists to the city every year.

Geographical location of the city

The capital is located in the south-east of Great Britain, directly on the Thames. The city is close to the prime meridian and is therefore the starting point for the time zones and longitudes. The metropolis was built about 44 kilometers along the Thames, over which today many world-famous bridges that connect the two banks lead.

Sights and attractions of the capital

Big Ben (or Elizabeth Tower) is the symbol of the city. The clock tower rises almost 100 meters in height and is located in the center of the city, right at the northern end of the parliament. The city’s landmark is one of the most famous places in the world and should be visited by every tourist. Another popular tourist attraction is the London Eye. The Ferris wheel attracts around 3.7 million visitors every year. Right on the Thames, the Ferris wheel gives everyone a wonderful sight. But the view from above is even more beautiful. The city can be observed from above at a height of up to 130 meters. The view from up here is an absolute highlight that every tourist in the city must have seen. The view is unique, especially at night when the eye is lit and the colors are reflected in the Thames. There is a great view of the illuminated city center.

Headquarters of the monarchs

If you are ever in the city, Buckingham Palace must also be visited. The monarch headquarters is a beautiful sight from the outside and loads of culture and history. The British royals have lived there since 1837. The Palace is a highlight of the city trip and an absolute must for a fan of the Queen. If the excursion is well planned, one of the numerous festivals at Buckingham Palace can even be celebrated. The splendid military parades are an absolute sight in the city. The Tower of London cannot be overlooked when taking a boat trip across the Thames. The building plays an important role in British history. The tower was used as a mint, residence and torture chamber. Some parts of the tower are almost 1000 years old.

The Tower Bridge can also be found near the tower. The grandiose photo motif serves as a frequently used bridge over the Thames and connects the two districts of Hamlets and Southwark. Folding up the movable bridge parts is also a great spectacle. Especially when the bridge is illuminated, it is one of the greatest attractions in England.

Westminster Abbey is probably one of the most famous churches in the world. Here the kings are crowned and the weddings of the royals are celebrated. The building itself is a prime example of British architecture.
If you want to have some peace and quiet, you can find it in Hyde Park. The large area invites you to take a walk in the countryside. In the middle of the park you will find the Serpentine Lake, in which you can swim.
Other great sights in London include:
– Madame Tussauds
– the St. Paul`s Cathedral
– Piccadilly Circus
– the British Museum
– The Shard
– the Globe Theater
– and the Camden Market.