Cheap Package Tour for Overseas Tourists in Mugla Turkey

Package tours to Turkey are very popular with tourists from abroad. One city is also very popular – Mugla. However, getting there is a bit cumbersome and takes a little longer than to the beaches on the Turkish Riviera. Because this city is located in southwest Turkey and is the capital of the province of the same name and is located in the Turkish mountains. However, the city stretches right on the coast of the Aegean, just off the Greek island of Rhodes, on a strip measuring 50×250 kilometers off the coast of the Gulf of Gokova. There are several reasons why so many tourists from abroad find their way to this city for vacation.

Cheap Package Tour for Overseas Tourists in Mugla Turkey
Cheap Package Tour for Overseas Tourists in Mugla Turkey

Embedded in mountains

Mugla has a rather mild Mediterranean climate. The reason for this is the proximity to the Gulf of Gökova. The coast is only 20 kilometers away from the city, which is nestled in the heights of the Asar Mountains. The city is also at an altitude of 660 meters above sea level. The region therefore has a harsher climate in winter than anywhere else in the region. This means that in the city it is significantly cooler in winter and there are frequent night frosts. It’s rare that it snows in and around the city. According to the records, snow was seen at most twice or three times in a decade. The precipitation that falls comes down as rain. However, the amount of precipitation is very high in the region. This should be taken into account for package tours. In May the temperatures rise to around 24 °C, from June to September the temperatures reach 30 °C or even a little more. What makes this city so fascinating and different from other cities in Turkey is the construction of the houses and the characteristic chimney heads with their “hat”, the rain protection. This rain cover even adorns the coat of arms of the city.

On the way in the old town

The houses in the old town also have these “hats”. The entire old town of Mugla is under monument protection. The reason for this are the Saburhane, the traditional houses. The Ulu Mosque, built around 1334, is also located in the city. The clock tower at the bazaar was built around 1895. Also in operation since 1334 is the Vakiflar Hamami, a hammam. The museum, in which there are exhibits from the ancient history of the city, is certainly also interesting for package travelers. And there are other museums. But not only tourists stroll through the old town. There are also many students here. The city is also the seat of a university. This city – embedded in the mountain ranges of the Asar Mountains – is the smallest of all 81 Turkish provincial capitals. The carpet factory can also be visited here.

Off to the beach

Although the town itself is on a ridge, access to the beach and thus to the Gulf of Gökova is possible. A little further west is the Palamutbükü Plaji beach. Uzun Yali Beach, however, is a bit closer. Nothing stands in the way of a diverse package tour.