Hanoi in Vietnam Discovery trip with water trips for sports tourists

Hanoi in Vietnam not only represents an imposing capital flair, but also one of the most diverse cities the world has ever seen. An unbelievable journey is certain here and this underpins Hanoi’s diversity, which also spills over to tourists. Here you will find sports tourists and explorers who do not want to be deprived of the picturesque beauties on site, including the culinary delights. Rightly so, because wonderful water rides and bike tours in harmony with the old town go hand in hand with sights that have never been there. Planning a vacation here should therefore be on your to-do list, because no one is guaranteed to regret this trip.

Hanoi in Vietnam Discovery trip with water trips for sports tourists
Hanoi in Vietnam Discovery trip with water trips for sports tourists

Vietnam’s sights are perfect as a photo motif

Here in Vietnam, holidaymakers hike in the imperial footsteps, where numerous imperial dynasties made their home. The 140 hectare area of ​​the citadel is now a world cultural heritage and anyone who wants to hike in the footsteps of the old Vietnamese rulers is in the right place here. The old quarter of Hanoi invites you to enjoy the culinary delights of Vietnamese cuisine, where the palate is guaranteed to be tickled. However, the large old town is of course also a real shopping mile in accordance with Vietnamese tradition in 36 alleys. Home cooking, hand-carved, hand-sewn and much more is sold here, so that as a holidaymaker you shouldn’t miss it. Many different sights make the capital of Vietnam so special. It is a mix of Asian traditions, Western culture and culinary delicacies that will be of essential importance for travelers. Because this is what a relaxed and unforgettable journey looks like.

Hanoi does not let the sporty traveler down

On a journey of discovery through the temples, museums and alleys of Hanoi, the spirit of sport is of course awakened. Sports tourists, for example, like to kayak in Bai Tu Long Bay or cycle by bike, while some tourists prefer the ferry. Halong Bay also invites you to an exciting trip, where the view of Hanoi can be enjoyed for sure. The night market on weekends also invites you to relax afterwards, with clothes, groceries, souvenirs and more in the limelight for over 3 kilometers. It is definitely a highlight in itself, but also the Hoan Kiem Lake with its turtle tower is a really great view for all tourists. Incidentally, Halong Bay is also rooted with beautiful rocks and caves, which give an incredible interior impression. The view from the bay is particularly worthwhile because of the following highlights:

– Floating villages
– Various islands in Hanoi Bay
– Cave visits

That of course makes the capital of Vietnam incredibly interesting and should be a reason to decide to travel. It is not only a beautiful and water-bound city, but also very welcoming because of the friendly people.

Traditional values ​​

Of course, the western touch is also unmistakable in Hanoi, but the Vietnamese are careful to ensure that their capital remains very traditional and Asian. Holidaymakers of all kinds enjoy this formative impression on site, as the perfect mix seems to have been found to allow cultures, history, different epochs, sights and water trips to harmonize in a symbiosis in the capital that is second to none. A journey of discovery to the Vietnamese capital should therefore be included on every travel route.