A voyage of discovery for strangers in the trendy streets of Seoul in Korea

The modern capital Seoul in South Korea is always worth a journey of discovery. Here you will find modern architecture, imposing buildings and a futuristic skyline. On the other hand, there are traditional buildings that you can discover above all in the historic city center of the pulsating metropolis. In the megacity, the past and the future are very close. Discover foreign trend streets and remote corners and join us on an exciting, eventful and impressive tour.

A voyage of discovery for strangers in the trendy streets of Seoul in Korea
A voyage of discovery for strangers in the trendy streets of Seoul in Korea

Why is Seoul interesting for tourists?

Anyone who has always wanted to visit a city of over a million has come to the right place in South Korea. Korea is known for its hospitality and for an open and friendly society. The city offers the explorer everything the heart desires. Art, culture, scene and science come together here and make the city a special magnet. If you visit the capital of South Korea, you will encounter opposites that attract each other and get a unique impression of the country and its people. The trip is worth it, because in the metropolis you can get around on trendy streets and get to know the city from another side. Look forward to a varied holiday with lasting memories. Let yourself be pampered with traditional Korean cuisine and you will find the opportunity for a small snack on every corner. Visit the exhibitions and galleries in the artists’ quarter or visit one of the large exhibition halls in the Asian city.

Which trendy streets in the capital does the visitor have to see?

There is a lot to discover in so-called trend streets. The well-known and well-known streets in the metropolis offer everything a vacationer’s heart desires. Here you can feast, browse, shop, try on, taste and celebrate to your heart’s content. In these streets, everything of name and standing meets. The Korean party scene takes place in the streets and even at a late hour you can sit here in the restaurants or have a drink in a bar. Experience the Korean way of life up close and let yourself be carried away by this attitude to life when you visit these trendy streets:

Hongdae Street

On Hongdae Street you can embark on a journey of discovery of a special kind. The Künstlerstraße is still relatively young and therefore dynamic and innovative. Experience good live music with exotic dishes and enjoy your vacation every minute. Take part in the 4D virtual reality activities and meet dinosaurs or take a ride on the virtual roller coaster.

Garosu Gil Street

The art scene in the metropolis meets in this street. Visit the many studios and let yourself be impressed by the works of art. Purchase a piece or two and get souvenirs that are unique and artistically made. Get firsthand designer clothes and shop at trend-setting stores. Pay a visit to the art galleries and get in touch with the locals. Get to know the city from its inspirational side by visiting Garosu Gil Street.

Gangnam shopping street

Do you still know the Gangnam style trend? Then just visit the Gangnam shopping street in Seoul and get to know the foreign city. Many trends have already established themselves here and the next trend may soon spill over from Korea to Europe. In this street you get the typical Korean quality and can look around in numerous traditional and modern boutiques. Gangnam Street has everything you need for daily life. Shop for clothing, cosmetics, and regional brands. There is a cinema, cafes and restaurants in this street and you can get real bargains while shopping the underground.