Strangers love Tokyo – the largest and most modern city in the world

It is not only the capital of Japan, but also the city with the highest population density. The now largest city in the world was built from what was initially a small fishing village. Tokyo is the industrial, commercial, educational and cultural center of Japan with many universities, research institutes and museums. There is both the traditional and the modern form of theater. Symphony and smaller orchestras have modern Western and traditional Japanese music in store for foreigners. The National Museum is the largest and oldest museum in Japan. Here you can see Japanese art, culture and archeology. The Digital Art Museum is absolutely worth seeing. Here you can see the most modern art. For strangers almost incomprehensible what digital art there is.

Strangers love Tokyo - the largest and most modern city in the world
Strangers love Tokyo – the largest and most modern city in the world

The largest city in the world is also one of the most expensive in the world

Due to the high quality of life, many tourists love to travel there all year round. Tourism is growing every year and accordingly it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for foreigners from all over the world. Not only is it the largest city in the world, but it also has the largest fish market in the world. An absolute hotspot in the city.

The weather

However, you should pay attention to what time of year you are on vacation. The summers are wet and dry and the winters are sunny and dry but sometimes some snow can fall. The rainy season is from late June to mid-July. This time should rather be avoided.

Modern technology

The modern city is adorned with countless skyscrapers, glowing advertising screens on the building walls, modern technology through the most modern buildings and high-tech. The capital of Japan combines modernity and tradition like no other city. In the middle of the street you experience pure life and hustle and bustle. Apart from the huge glowing advertising screens, the current music hits can be heard from loudspeakers in the streets. Everywhere in the streets you can find vending machines for drinks, bread rolls and even ready-made burgers. Some machines are state-of-the-art and can give a drink recommendation. The customer is analyzed with a built-in camera and receives his personal recommendation. For the best all-round view, you can go to the largest television tower in the world, the Tokyo Skytree.

The most beautiful view is at night

Because the Rainbow Bridge shines the skyline of Tokio with lots of colored lights at night. The city’s most popular landmark is of course also associated with the latest technology. The 20-meter Gundam robot can be seen transforming every day. This robot is the biggest in town, but not the only one. In the museum of futurology and in a robot hotel you can find more of the funny creatures. Here you are greeted by a multilingual robot at the reception. In a café, the hot drinks are prepared by the little computer creatures.

Hardly imaginable for vacationers

The electro district is a real dream for gamers and anime fans as well as for non-gamers.
So-called cosplay restaurants can be found between electronics stores and gigantic advertising screens. Disguised waiters and waitresses give dinner a very special touch. An impressive moment not to be missed.

You get a guaranteed great experience in the Virtual Reality Zone. With the glasses you are in the middle of the game world or have to escape from an escape room, for example. There is also the option of climbing a climbing wall. Actually a simple wall that children would also use, but with the virtual reality glasses so real in the middle of the dangerous climbing nature. The Virtual Reality Zone is ideal for people with strong nerves.