Short trip for architecture lovers of church art in Milan Italy

Italy is only a few hours drive from us. Plants bloom there, due to the Mediterranean climate, but much earlier than here. Therefore, especially in spring, short trips to the Mediterranean country are popular with tourists. There are many historical travel destinations in Milan that are well worth seeing. Because of its Mediterranean flair, the numerous historical buildings and church art as well as the scenic beauty, this city is always worth a short trip for architecture lovers.

Short trip for architecture lovers of church art in Milan Italy
Short trip for architecture lovers of church art in Milan Italy

A tour for architecture lovers through the Milan Cathedral

It is worth visiting the Milan Cathedral and the terraces privately during a short trip. You can admire the impressive building in Gothic architecture and the archaeological area under the cathedral. The cathedral museum is also very worth seeing. You enter the Milan Cathedral through one of the entrances if you take part in a tour. Visitors have access to all areas, including the terraces and the archaeological site. Admire the church art in the cathedral. The Cathedral Museum and the Church of San Gottardo have a lot to offer in this area. Tourists can take part in a guided small-group tour or get to grips with the various sights of Milan in private.

2 hours for the Milan Cathedral, the terraces and the archaeological area!

The 2-hour tour goes to the terraces, the cathedral, the museum and the archaeological area. Architecture lovers can take this tour to marvel at the décor and magnificent stained glass windows of the cathedral and visit San Gottardo, where the famous Last Supper hangs.

The Last Supper – One of the most famous paintings from Italy!

During a short trip to Italy, visitors especially like to admire the legendary painting “The Last Supper” as part of a guided tour. You will enjoy the fact that admission is easy without having to queue to see and study all of the church art and in particular one of the great masterpieces.

The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the refectory

The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie together with the refectory has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. These buildings were part of a large monastery complex of the Dominican monks. During a guided tour, participants experience stress-free admission and skip-the-line access to the painting “The Last Supper” on the tour. You will learn everything you need to know about the fantastic mural from the Renaissance. Tourists get surprising insights into perspective, composition, artistic technique and the history of the place.

Get to know the city through its greatest artistic achievements

Architecture lovers marvel at the imposing outer facade of the cathedral and can stroll through the gardens of Castello Sforzesco. It is fun to follow the path of the great painters in Milan and to visit the Santa Maria Delle Grazie. As a visitor, you stroll through the vineyard. One of the main landmarks of the city is Santa Maria Delle Grazie. A very well known UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this wonderful city, architecture lovers can admire the cathedral roof, made of Candoglia marble from Lake Maggiore. At that time it represented a unique and beautiful novelty in the construction of cathedrals. On the 8,000 m² surface one can admire 135 spiers of the Milan Cathedral. One overlooks the whole city up to the Alps and far into the Lombardic plain.

Madonnina, the landmark of Milan with the cathedral spiers

3,400 statues are enthroned on the cathedral spiers. The Madonnina occupies the highest point; a golden statue of 4.16 m in height at 108.50 m high, which is visible from afar and shines in the sun. The lace in the Gothic style was used as a decorative element in the 17th and 18th centuries. The landmark of Milan was completely reconstructed in 2010/2011 because its iron skeleton was eaten away by rust. Bramante designed the dome of the cathedral with its upper point. A short trip to this interesting city in Italy is worthwhile, because it not only has something to offer architecturally.