Nature tourists experience the world of trees and birds in Belek Turkey

Belek is a real feast for the eyes between the deep blue of the Mediterranean and the beautiful, lush green nature. Here nature tourists can enjoy a wonderful vacation, surrounded by mountain peaks, forests of pine, eucalyptus and thunderous rivers. This place is popular as a travel destination because of its lively nature, rich flora and diverse wildlife. It is desirable for ecotourism.

Nature tourists experience the world of trees and birds in Belek Turkey
Nature tourists experience the world of trees and birds in Belek Turkey

Nature tourists experience trees and birds in their full beauty here

This place is a natural paradise because of the rich flora. There is a diverse flora and fauna here. You too can enjoy the trees and birds of this region. The forests here cover the dunes and form a blanket of vegetation. Mediterranean pine forests are the regional tree species here. In addition to the pine forests, there are also Mediterranean shrubs and maquis. Forests that are very rich in flora and fauna. The natural diversity is complemented here by the abundance of flowers. 58 families with 118 species and 16 subspecies have been assigned here. Nature tourists get their money’s worth here. The biodiversity of flora and animals was first examined in this region in 1995. 574 plants, 29 of which are endemic plants that only occur here, and 1 relict demite, the Pyrus serikensis, were identified. The latter occurs only locally in Belek. According to botanical research, the following plants are: arnebia, primroses, sage, Greek sage, birch-leaved bellflower, bellflowers in general, shepherd’s crook, hippopotamus, comfrey, scrumwort, cornflower, small hyacinth, purple carnation, liquorice, yellow cat’s paw, strawflower, pamphylian orchid, beach daisy , Knapweed, valerian, stone rose, gnarled figwort, wild pear, vineyard leek, carnation and Pyrus serikensis endemic plants that occur in Belek.

The bird paradise on the Mediterranean

The desire to experience nature up close takes more and more with it. People want to return to nature on vacation. Ecotourism is now the number one choice for a holiday destination. A number of bird species overwinter and breed in this beautiful spot on the Mediterranean, making it the best place for ornithologists who want to observe the many migratory birds. Over 200 species of birds have been sighted here. Of these, 30 are summer guests, 56 are winter guests, 60 of them are transit migrants, etc. 11 types cannot be assigned. Trees and birds are the species here that can be fully experienced and observed.

Bird species in this region

Nature lovers can observe the following bird species here: cormorant (lat.Phalacrocorax carbo), little grebe (lat.Tachbaptus ruficollis), little egret (lat.Egretta garzetta), great white heron (lat.Egretta alba) and gray heron (lat.Ardea cinerea), pale – (Latin Anser albifrons) and rust goose (Latin Todarna ferruginea), Marsh harrier (Latin Circus aeruginosus), teal (Latin Anas crecca), sparrowhawk (Latin Accipiter nisus), buzzard (Latin Buteo buteo) and eagle buzzard (Latin Buteo rufinus), Merlin (Latin Falco columbarius), kestrel (Latin Falco tinunculus) and peregrine falcon (Latin Falco peregrinus), little tern (Latin Sterna albifrons), sandpiper (Latin Trringa ochropus), kingfisher ( lat.Alcedo atthis), silk warbler (lat.Cettia cetti), robin (lat.Erithacus rubecella), great-tailed tit (lat.Aegitalos caudatus) and also the great crested grebe (lat.Podiceps cristatus).

A paradise for nature lovers

Vacationers in Turkey can explore a whole range of birds and plants in nature and let their singing sink in! Long walks through nature are great fun and relaxing. Especially city dwellers who spend their vacation in Turkey benefit to a large extent from the excellent clean air and the peaceful life in the middle of the Mediterranean trees.