Insider tip for travelers to the best sights in Izmir Turkey

There are numerous cities in Turkey that offer many great attractions and sights. One of the most interesting cities in this country is without a doubt Izmir with its famous history and its many attractions. It is not for nothing that numerous holidaymakers and tourists from all over the world visit this place every year, which is often referred to as an insider tip. If you plan to travel through this great country, you should not forget this place.

Sights of Izmir – The Kordon Port of Izmir

What would Izmir be without its lively and popular harbor and beach cordon. Although this section could be overlooked due to the size of this city, it does shape the atmosphere of this city and the peculiarities of its inhabitants. The Kordon is not just a simple pedestrian zone for walking up and down, but much better built. The road consists of two lanes, footpaths and bike paths, which are separated by grass areas. While the waves are beating against the imposing quay walls on the Aegean side, you can make yourself comfortable in cafes and taverns on the opposite side and forget about everyday worries. The contrast of this beach is a wonderful vacation combined with a journey into the past to stories from 1001 nights.

Insider tip for travelers to the best sights in Izmir Turkey
Insider tip for travelers to the best sights in Izmir Turkey

Bazaar + Hisar Mosque

There is always something mysterious and adventurous about a market in the Orient. At almost every stand and corner there is something new and interesting to discover. This lively market has existed since the 17th century and is made up of narrow streets and shopping areas and resembles a labyrinth. Residents and visitors to this city claim that this market is the real heart of Izmir. If you explore this city with its numerous backyards and tea houses, you can only agree with this claim.

The Hisar Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in this city and since it is located right next to the bazaar, a visit there is advisable. The architectural style corresponds to the Ottoman style and besides, it can also come up with style elements that are typical of the third largest city in Turkey. These include, above all, the gold-blue tile paneling of their roof domes on the inside. The unique carvings of the women’s gallery on the upper floor are also unique. After the visit, a visit to one of the numerous popular coffeehouses, where the famous Turkish mocha is served, is recommended.

Archaeological Museum + Ataturk Museum

Another insider tip for lovers of Turkish history is the city’s archaeological museum. The most famous piece in this exhibition is the huge marble head of the Emperor Domitian. Other exhibits include a well-preserved bronze statue representing a racer and other antique bronze pieces from the past.

Anyone who visits the interesting city while traveling through this country can hardly avoid the Ataturk Museum. The founder of Turkey is omnipresent because he can be found on many banknotes, stamps and paintings. Like numerous other cities in this country, you will also find a museum here that bears the name of the country’s founder. He gave the museum a gift to the city and lived there when he was visiting.
Many of the exhibits belonged to the statesman personally.

The symbol of the city

This Ottoman-style clock tower from 1872 stands on Kemak Square. It is the symbol of Izmir and marks the center of this city today as in the past. Near the tower is the well-known Yah Mosque, built in 1755, which immediately catches the visitor’s eye, especially because of its glazed tiles. Numerous coffee and tea houses invite guests from far and wide to linger. What is striking is the special hospitality of the residents, which makes it easy to have a conversation like that among friends. Numerous residents have worked in the FRG in the past, so there should be little difficulty in communicating about different languages.