Adventure trip to the ruined cities of Mugla in Turkey

The province of Mugla offers the best conditions for an adventure trip in which the most diverse ruins can be visited. When planning the trips, the respective locations of the ruins should be taken into account so that the journey times can be optimized. One of the ruins that you can visit in Mugla, Turkey is Dalyan.

The ruins in Dalyan

In Dalyan you can visit the ancient city of Kaunos, which many visitors find very charming. The ruins are very impressive and well preserved. It is believed that the site was founded as early as the 9th or 8th century BC. In the past, the site was inhabited by different civilizations. The ruins became famous for the unique Amyntas Rock Tombs temple tombs. On the one hand, these graves belong to the Anatolian standard, but they also reflect the typical Kaunos character.

Adventure trip to the ruined cities of Mugla in Turkey
Adventure trip to the ruined cities of Mugla in Turkey

Lycian Rock Toms

On your adventure trip through the region, you should also plan a stay at the Lycian Rock Toms Ruin. It’s not far from the Amyntas Rock Tombs. These ruins are carved into the mountain. These are the entrances to various temples. The facade is very ni-cely decorated. Back then, the Lycians thought that the dead were flown to the afterlife by winged creatures. Because of this, they always placed their dead in the highest places like cliffs. Many entrances to the ruin have intricate reliefs, beautiful columns and date from the 4th century. Some old graves can only be recognized as holes in the rock.

The ancient ruins of Tlos

Another special destination is Tlos. The ancient city is located in the southwestern part of Turkey in Mugla. The city used to be one of the six largest places in the Lycian League. The place is at an altitude of about 460 meters. The local sights are all well signposted so that you can quickly get an overview. To the south are the old theater and the baths. Tlos is one of the oldest settlement areas in Lycia and in the Xynthos Valley. In the 19th century a castle was built on the ruins of the Acropolis. The area includes arches, walls, and temples. In addition, you have a great view of the surroundings in Tlos.

The ruined city of Carian rock tombs

The adventure trip should also take you to Carian rock tombs. The grave sites are very imposing and are located vertically in the rock face. They can be found above the ruins of Kaunos. You can get to the graves by boat. The path leads past a turtle beach. You can’t get much closer to the extraordinary graves. The graves are assigned to the Lycian culture.

Pinara Antique City

The ruin Pinara Antique City in Turkey is an archaeological site that is not often visited by vacationers. It has a lot to offer optically. The graves are in a large rock. They can be reached via a kind of climbing frame. The place is one of the most beautiful areas of the Lycian League. The nature all around is very beautiful. From the top you have a great view of the mountains and valleys. Since the path to the ruins is a bit steep, sturdy shoes should also be worn here.

The excavation site

The adventure tour can be rounded off with the Knidos archaeological site. It is located between two bays. At that time there were ports here. The area not only has a very special charm for excavation fans. The ruins are partly built into the slope. The paths are a bit difficult to walk. It is best to put on sturdy shoes so that they do not slip away. In addition to the excavation sites, a great view awaits you on site. Knidos can be found where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea. The excavation site is at the end of the Resadiye peninsula