Turkey Antalya holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast

Antalya is located on the Turkish Mediterranean coast and is an ideal vacation spot for everyone who would like to combine culture and beach. Visitors are attracted not only by the picturesque beaches, but also by the many interesting sights. Since the hikes are also very popular in the region, a lot can be discovered during the holiday. There are busy streets, modern shops and the bazaar. The city is a model metropolis for Turkey. It is not for nothing that the city is one of the fastest growing in Turkey.

The Turkish Riviera

The most beautiful beaches in Antalya are found on the Turkish Riviera. These include Lara Beach and Örnekköy Beach. The beaches are often well developed for tourists and there are many opportunities for sunbathing, sports, a delicious cocktail or a snack. Umbrellas and sun beds are often available on the beaches. If you want it to be a bit quieter on vacation, you should consider Konyaalti Beach. Of course, you can always visit the beaches that are a bit out of town. Kargicak Beach or the other natural beaches are ideal for couples who want to enjoy the ni-ce weather together. There are also suitable offers for families with children and Cleopatra Beach should be mentioned here, for example.

The Anatlya port and sites

There are many interesting sights to see when traveling to Antalya. The Yivli Minare Mosque is one of the most beautiful cultural sites. It is an imposing building that dates from the 13th century. The building is very impressive with its minaret and the city is a landmark. The mosque is centrally located near many shops and eateries, where carpets, leather goods and jewelry are particularly popular. The famous Hadrian Gate should not be missed either, because the ancient gate was built in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and dates from the Roman period. The gate leads to the picturesque port of Antalya. The holidaymakers can take a tour of the harbor and there are many bars and cozy tea houses for refreshment.

Turkey Antalya holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast
Turkey Antalya holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast

The optimal travel time for Antalya

April to November is the best time to go on vacation. If you would like to go to the beach, you should consider the trip from June to September at best, because there is hardly any rain here and the temperatures are usually over 30 degrees. In August and July, however, it can also be over 40 degrees and there are still average temperatures of around 23 degrees during the nights. If you want to fly to Antalya, you can also fly in the early or late season. The air usually has a temperature of over 20 degrees from April and the good weather continues into November. During the winter months, a holiday in the region is not necessarily recommended, because here it gets cold at night and there is a lot of precipitation. However, if you only want to hike or want to see sights, you can also visit Antalya at this time.

The Turkish specialties

In Turkey, delicious food and hospitality are very important. Well-known specialties should definitely be tried and these include stuffed peppers, kofta or kebabs. The peppers are particularly popular, filled with minced meat and eaten with yoghurt sauce. Of course, if you want a holiday by the sea, you usually want to enjoy the freshly caught fish. Most restaurants offer this fish on the menu. The restaurants in Antalya have lobster, tuna and angler fish. The many auditions that are known as meze are also popular. There are fresh salads, squid rings and pickled vegetables. The locals like to drink the glass of raki and this is an aniseed schnapps. Baklava is a sweet and tasty dessert that consists of nuts and thin sheets of dough and is soaked in syrup at the end.