Vacation in Bodrum Turkey

If you like Turkey and are considering traveling there for a long time, then you should take a look at the city of Bodrum. The city is located in the south-west of Turkey, in the European part on a promontory or a small peninsula.

Bodrum a city in Turkey

Bodrum is a city with about 115,000 inhabitants and is spread over an area of ​​around 656 square kilometers. The city is famous for its mausoleum, which the Persian satrap and king of Caria Mausolos had built when he was still alive. This large building or the creation of the mausoleum was considered the seventh wonder of the world in antiquity. In the 14th century it is believed that the mausoleum was probably destroyed by an earthquake. Since then, buildings of this type have been referred to as mausoleums worldwide. Another important building is the castle or fort of St. Peter, which was built around the 14th century and fell into different hands during the various wars. In the modern era, the castle was given a new task. It served as a place of exile until well into the 20th century. During this time Bodrum became more and more forgotten and ended up as a fishing village. The significant status only returned to the stand in the 19th century. In the meantime, the place is considered a place of recreation and an artist colony. The widespread house facades of the Turkish coast come from this place. The flat roof houses, which are painted white and have very characteristic house corners.

Vacation in Bodrum Turkey
Vacation in Bodrum Turkey

Holidays on the Mediterranean

These houses are very worth seeing and typical of the region and must be visited, because they reflect the original life in Bodrum. The city is a holiday resort located directly on the Mediterranean. In good weather you can see the Greek island of Kos in a few kilometers. Bodrum is an absolute vacation spot, not yet overrun by tourists, but still fully developed. In addition to the Mediterranean, the place is very popular for starting hiking tours through the Taurus Mountains. The Taurus Mountains extend their foothills to Bodrum. A hiking tour is very popular with young and old. In Turkey you have the advantage that the weather is very stable and the tours can be carried out in good weather. You can combine your hiking tours with an evening stroll along the beach on the Mediterranean.

Bodrum numerous sights

In addition to hiking tours, Bodrum is also very well known for its numerous sights. You can visit numerous museums here, such as the underwater museum or the sea museum. These bring everything close to what is happening and moving in the water. In addition to the museums, there are also very, very beautiful buildings that tell the history of the city. Parts of the old city wall can be visited or temple remains can be admired.

The city on the Mediterranean is worth a trip because it is European but still different. Experience the flair which is Turkish and Greek at the same time. Let yourself be surprised and infected by the zest for life.