Relaxing vacationers will be enchanted by the beaches in Izmir Turkey

Turkey inspires relaxation vacationers with miles of dreamy sandy beaches, pulsating metropolises, majestic mountains, numerous sights and the joie de vivre and hospitality of the locals. One of the most popular holiday destinations in the country is the city of Izmir.

Relaxing vacationers will be enchanted by the beaches in Izmir Turkey
Relaxing vacationers will be enchanted by the beaches in Izmir Turkey

General information about the holiday destination

The popular holiday destination is picturesquely located directly on the coast. The dreamlike promenade attracts relaxation vacationers like a magnet. Due to its location directly on the sea, the third largest city in Turkey is an important transport hub and trading point. The city has a long history. A wealth of relics and buildings bear witness to this long, eventful ancient history. This holiday destination also offers a lot in terms of landscape to those seeking relaxation.

Activities for relaxation vacationers in the vacation paradise

Pure relaxation is guaranteed by a leisurely stroll along the riverside path. Everyone looking for relaxation will find taverns, bars and cafes that invite you to linger with a view of the turquoise blue sea. In the parks in the area you can watch the ships in the harbor or read a book in the shade of a tree. In the evening it is worthwhile to watch the great sunset in the harbor while enjoying a dish made from freshly caught fish and a drink. Vacationers can also look forward to an exciting and varied nightlife in the city. In the entertainment district, numerous stylish clubs and bars invite tourists to party the night away with the townspeople.

Relaxation is guaranteed on beautiful beaches

In the vicinity there are great beaches for swimming, swimming, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, paragliding and relaxing. Active vacationers also get their money’s worth here, for example with mountain biking. Around the resort of Izmir, those looking for relaxation will find an abundance of idyllic bays and beaches that invite you to relax and recharge your batteries for the stressful everyday life. The beach, preferred by the locals, is also recommended because it has not yet become a target of mass tourism. The clean water here and on other beaches guarantees unadulterated bathing pleasure. Everyone is guaranteed to find the perfect beach to relax here. The beach offers a special highlight for those looking for relaxation. Warm thermal springs invite you to relax in the water. Paddle boats can be rented here. Parasols and loungers for comfortable relaxation can be rented for little money on the beach. In the close vicinity of this beach there are also numerous historical buildings that are worth seeing. A relaxing walk through the port area should also be on the activity plan. You can party extensively in the numerous clubs right on the beach. Sports equipment can be rented at almost all beaches at the holiday destination and in the region.

Pure relaxation in a varied natural environment

In addition to the great beaches, the varied natural surroundings also guarantee pure relaxation. The city is idyllically framed by fields, meadows and forests. The natural surroundings are not only suitable for sunbathing, but also for relaxing walks and hikes. In the numerous parks, picnic zones invite you to enjoy and linger in the green. A day trip to the amusement park with its integrated zoo is particularly popular with families. While the parents relax, the children can let off steam in one of the great playgrounds.