Camping holiday with family in the forests of Uludag Turkey

Uludag is one of the popular destinations for a family camping holiday in Turkey all year round. The forests in the area offer nature lovers an abundance of opportunities to discover the beauty of the landscape and a rich flora and fauna on relaxing hikes. Camping in this region is recommended to everyone who wants to spend a holiday a bit secluded from mass tourism in nature.

Camping holiday with family in the forests of Uludag Turkey
Camping holiday with family in the forests of Uludag Turkey

Perfect setting for camping and relaxing hikes

With their numerous golden, red and green leaves, the forests in the Uludag National Park provide the perfect setting for a camping holiday and extensive, varied autumn hikes in autumn. For camping with the family, we particularly recommend remote, smaller campsites in the holiday area. The nature reserve extends over a total area of ​​11,000,338 hectares over the southern slopes of the massif. Within the national park, a road leads past waterfalls and streams through a juniper and lavender macchia through various forest levels. The pines, for example, provide nesting sites for birds of prey. Warblers and Woodpeckers. The dense forests in the nature reserve offer numerous animal species, such as wolves, bears, wild boars, fallow deer and red deer. The majority of the numerous insect species that live in the forests can only be found in this province in the travel destination. The city center is 36 kilometers from the national park.

Mountainous landscape attracts campers like a magnet

Thanks to the high quality and modernity of the numerous campsites, countless tourists from all over the world spend camping holidays with their families in this destination in Turkey. For those who want it a little more comfortable, there are 15 hotels to choose from as holiday accommodation in the village. In winter, Uludag is a paradise for skiers with guaranteed snow.

Numerous excursion destinations for every taste in the area

As everywhere in Turkey, there is a lot to discover in the vicinity of the beautiful campsites. As an example, the numerous cultural assets should be mentioned at this point. Holidaymakers with a mobile home can go on tours far into the hinterland to explore the wonderfully beautiful, varied landscape on their own. It is an unforgettable experience for every family member to explore the holiday country with a camper van. The crystal clear water of the streams and the waterfalls invite you to take a refreshing swim on warm days. The cable car takes vacationers to the 2543 meter high mountain peak with numerous ski slopes and campsites. Regardless of whether it is a day trip or a longer vacation: every tourist should plan enough time for a short hike to the summit, to linger in one of the cozy cafes and to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding area. The bazaar in the region is worth seeing and interesting because it is not geared towards tourists. Counterfeit branded products are not sold here. This lively traditional bazaar stretches across several streets in the town. In the places in the area, walks through the historic old towns with the city walls, the old buildings, numerous restaurants, beautiful well-preserved houses and an abundance of museums are also worthwhile.

Excursion with the motorhome

A beautiful lake can be reached by motorhome in 60 minutes. A day trip is worthwhile just because of the beautiful nature that frames the lake in a picturesque way. The blue tiles produced in the north of the holiday region are known nationwide and can be admired in various mosques. Of course, a national dish and the fermented, homemade grape juice must also be tried for a perfect holiday.