Turkey Istanbul’s scene clubs for hipsters and artists from all over the world as a weekend trip

You can expect joie de vivre, lightness and lots of fun in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul. Art seekers will find funny and unusual graffiti and painting all over the city, be it on house walls and even in the metro. Always present everywhere.

Turkey Istanbul's scene clubs for hipsters and artists from all over the world as a weekend trip
Turkey Istanbul’s scene clubs for hipsters and artists from all over the world as a weekend trip

The secret capital of Turkey

In the trendy and hip districts of Istanbul you meet a lot of party-hungry people who turn simple bars into a hip party world. There are districts in which a lot of bars and scene clubs are lined up, they form the beating heart of the city. In some of Istanbul’s party districts, life is very westernized, with lots of young people, foreigners, students and party-goers romping around until dawn. The many different clubs and pubs ensure that the district does not sleep, but rather celebrates, there is something for every taste. The only obstacle to accessing an entertainment world is the bouncer, who ensures that the atmosphere remains festive and that the dress code is adhered to in front of every pub or bar.

Trendy weekend trip to Turkey

The huge dance floors take up most of the space in the clubs. Musicians and artists appear on the stages. At some scene clubs it is possible to moor directly with a yacht, so the celebrations from the boat can be combined with the party temples. The open-air discos are especially popular on weekends, where live music is often used to party until the early hours of the morning.

Limousines show the way

Nobel and trendy clubs are not only approached on foot or by yacht, but many artists and party people drive up in limousines. Luxury and party come together in style, DJs, musicians and guests are one unit. The range of clubs and party temples is huge. From the luxury party with access to the yacht to the basement disco, where the doorman is not so critical of the outfit, everything is possible. A weekend trip that offers something for everyone.

Shopping and Party

A special combination is the opportunity to indulge in shopping at the weekend and to go to a suitable party location later in the evening. Then the designer clothes can be presented directly. High society is a guest in some pubs and bars. Here the bouncer pays special attention to the outfit. For those less interested in high society, numerous pubs and sports bars offer an alternative to enjoy Istanbul’s nightlife. Very young audiences, students and young people who want to enjoy their life to the fullest over the weekend also meet there.