Ancient monasteries and churches to touch for strangers in Mardin Turkey

Turkey is often considered by most holidaymakers as the paradise of the Orient because the temperatures, the sea and the cities are found here in harmony with tradition and modernity. An example of how culturally diverse Turkish cities are is the province of Mardin. Here, where old monasteries adorn the cityscape and, for example, open-heartedly indulge in the Syrian-Orthodox religion, holidaymakers from all over the world are welcome. Foreigners may be amazed that the predominantly Muslim and Turkish city is so religiously tolerant, but that is precisely what makes it so special and historically valuable. Because for several centuries, Mardin has been the center of tolerance, where just about 185,000 inhabitants live. A trip to this province is therefore always advisable if you want to see traditions, history and modernity in harmony.

Ancient monasteries and churches to touch for strangers in Mardin Turkey
Ancient monasteries and churches to touch for strangers in Mardin Turkey

Churches can also be found in Turkish cities

Monasteries and churches are very different in the way their religion is interpreted. Because the Turkish culture is actually predominantly Muslim, so many travelers are amazed that both religious sanctuaries can be found in this province. With the Zafaran monastery, for example, the Syrian Orthodox monastery is found, while locally even the Protestant church can be found. From a religious point of view, the province is very open-hearted, but the tranquil province in the south-east is also very friendly and open to tourists.

In Turkey, there is an openness towards many cultures

Most people have a completely biased impression of the Turkish mentality, but this is far from comparable to reality. For example, one of the oldest cities in Turkey, this province is home to various religions and attracts many foreigners for the occasion. Incidentally, when visiting the monasteries and church towers on site, the culinary journey of the Orient is also recommended here, where dolma beaver and the Turkish lentil soup called Mercimek Çorbasi are freshly served here. One of the oldest provinces in the Orient like Mardin inspires with many a great old town, which is still very old-fashioned. While The Main Post Office resembles a palace. Because the Turkish province offers more sights than just centuries-old monasteries and churches.

Tolerance and hospitality

Old monasteries have found a place in Mardin to attract tourists from all over the world as a sight. But the many cathedrals also inspire with their picturesque beauty, which give this province a certain charm that probably no longer exists in the Orient. The beautiful view of a very impressive old town rounds off the stay within the province perfectly, to embark on an adventure in a class that has not been experienced before. Because here travelers quickly forget the other major Turkish cities and enjoy the atmosphere in the more private environment of a province full of tolerance, history and modernity at the same time! Of course, the local places of worship also cordially invite tourists to take a look behind the scenes and that also applies to the local mosques! If you are religious and open-hearted and want to take a look, you are in good hands here.