Winter trip for families in the largest ski area Bursa Turkey

The city of Bursa is located in the Marmara region in Turkey. In this ski area there are 28 kilometers of slopes for snowboarding and skiing as well as 24 lifts for a winter trip for families and other groups. This area lies at an altitude of approximately 1,767 to 2,322 meters. This area is one of the largest winter sports centers in the country. The nearby city is the fourth largest city in the country with around 3.1 million people and the center of western Turkey. The city is located approximately 60 kilometers from the Turkish capital.

Winter trip for families in the largest ski area Bursa Turkey
Winter trip for families in the largest ski area Bursa Turkey

The equipment and surroundings

This winter sports center has 8 drag lifts and 5 chair lifts and a gondola. From mid-December to April there is so much snow here that you can ski and snowboard without any problems. In the high mountains there are around 27 hotels and guesthouses at an altitude of around 1,800 meters. This area was declared a national park in 1961. When the weather is ni-ce and clear, you can see the Sea of ​​Marmara from the summit.

Snow slopes as far as the eye can see

The existing Drachenberg slope in this area with a length of 7.2 kilometers is the longest descent in the country. The quality of the snow there is also very exceptional. The fine crystals that form here create a light and soft powder snow. Due to the exceptional quality of the snow, the slopes available there are also used again and again for Ski World Cup events. There are also some ways to enjoy the nightlife here. Within the ski center there are a large number of restaurants and bars that also invite you to go skiing.

Warm springs invite you to visit

There are also warm springs in the vicinity. As already mentioned, the wider area is also classified as a national park and this area can also be visited for an entrance fee. The mountain is of volcanic origin. The famous lemonade is made from the spring water.