Experience Turkey holidays cheap all inclusive in Mugla

The province of Mugla is very popular during a vacation in Turkey. Many beautiful excursions on the Aegean coast of Turkey are possible, because there are turquoise blue sea, picturesque bays and fine sandy beaches. A beach holiday can be wonderfully combined with the cultural sights. Many historical cities invite you to explore and the ancient cities are a highlight. The beaches in particular can enchant the holidaymakers and some are best explored from the sea through the bays. On the coast everyone can also go along with a rented boat and there are also guided boat tours. Lonely beaches can still be discovered even in high season.

What does travel to the province offer?

The province offers many seaside resorts and there is also a good selection of holiday homes and apartments. It is of course also important that the entertainment offer is not neglected. Prices are often cheap when it comes to restaurants, cafes and bars. You can also get to know the fresh cuisine of the Mediterranean with All Inclusive and there are hardly any limits to the water sports on offer. The evening and morning hours are ideal for water skiing because the sea is calmer at this time. At lunchtime there is often a light wind and there are perfect conditions for surfing and sailing. Banana driving and paragliding are also often offered. There is also a rugged mountain world, which is a paradise for mountaineers, mountain bikers and hikers. The province also offers horse rides where the forests can be explored. Water sports are not neglected in the mountains and white water rafting is offered for the brave.

Explore the city of Mugla

If you want an all-inclusive holiday at a reasonable price, you will often come across the city in the province of the same name. The city has over 64,000 inhabitants and is located in the mountainous region of southwestern Turkey. The city is the capital of the province of the same name. In terms of residents, it is one of the smallest provincial capitals, but there is still a lot on offer. The city is known for its museums with ancient treasures, for the carpet factories and for the old town, which is very well preserved. Mugla has been settled since the early Bronze Age, and then the Lydians and Phrygians made periods of settlement. The name goes back to a general named Muglu Bey, who is said to have briefly conquered the city. The term Mobella, however, was common in the Middle Ages. The first urban development plan was recorded from 1936 to 1939 and the tourist development of the city began in the 1970s. Tourism and agriculture remain the main industry.

Experience Turkey holidays cheap all inclusive in Mugla
Experience Turkey holidays cheap all inclusive in Mugla

What is the best time to travel?

The province is about 20 kilometers away from the Mediterranean coast. The city is embedded in the Asar Mountains and is located at 660 meters. The precipitation values ​​for the country are relatively high, which means that the older houses from the city have the characteristic chimney heads with the rain protection. These chimney heads show the coat of arms of the city. The best time to travel is from May to October, because there are pleasant to hot temperatures and little to no precipitation. In July there is the highest average temperature of 33 degrees and in January the lowest temperature is 10 degrees. The climate and weather are ideal for a sun holiday. The Mediterranean climate is therefore available for an all-inclusive holiday. The temperatures in winter are always mild and summer is dry and hot.

Which sights should be viewed?

Sights include Saburhane and this listed old town offers traditional houses. Also popular is the Ulu Mosque, which dates from 1334, making it the oldest mosque in the city. The Muglamuseum is also often visited and here the certificates from the ancient world are exhibited. The clock tower at the bazaar is also popular and this clock tower was built in 1895. Vakiflar Hamami is a hammam that has been in service since 1334.